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Friday, November 6, 2015

Beenie Man Going In Calls Mavado “Barber Boy” & “Rapper Groupie”...

Beenie Man raised a lot of eyebrows in dancehall when he released a new Mavado diss song a few days ago.
The dancehall king teams with DJ Frass Records to drop “Think Mi A Simma” a new diss track aimed at Mavado.
“A who da bredda deh a chat / A couldn’t me, but him say Doc / A weh do blacks, barber boy mi can tell yo something,” Beenie said in the intro.
“Dancehall a my empire, dancehall a my empire … A weh do rapper groupie mi a shooty shooty / Informer works that a no mi duty / My war no sweet like tutti frutti / unleash the beast yo no see no beauty,” the dancehall hitmaker deejay over the Wild Wild West Riddim.
Listen to Beenie Man “Think Mi A Simma” below.

Beenie Man is responding to a jab Mavado took at him in his new single “Money A Di Right Ting” on the same Wild Wild West Riddim, produced by DJ Frass.
Mavado echoed a line on that track saying “Better of them chill like the Doc and go simmer.”
Seems Beenie Man didn’t take that one jab too likely and unleashed a fury against the Gullyside singjay.
Listen to Mavado “Money A Di Right Ting” below.

Should Beenie Man and Mavado take their beef to Sting 2015?

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