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Friday, October 16, 2015

Mike Huckabee: "Nonviolent Criminals Should Be Sold Into Slavery...."

Not too long ago, Republicans began floating an alleged solution to the undocumented immigrant issue: slavery. The idea was originally proposed by Iowa radio screecher, Jan Mickelson, then by Donald Trump and subsequently parroted by Fox News Channels insufferable douchebag and hobo-spanker, Jesse Watters.

But leave it up to Mike Huckabee to completely top it. The former Arkansas governor and demon hack appeared on, you guessed it, Jan Mickelsons show Thursday morning, and suggested we should follow the Bible and enslave anyone convicted of nonviolent crimes.

Mickelson slammed the liberal takeover of the criminal justice system (really?), telling his audience, [The Bible] says, if a person steals, they have to pay it back two-fold, four-fold, Mickelson explained. If they dont have anything, were supposed to take them down and sell them.

Mickelson continued: We indenture them and they have to spend their time not sitting on their stump in a jail cell, theyre supposed to be working off the debt. Wouldnt that be a better choice?

Huckabee jumped in and fully embraced Mickelsons batsh*t crazy slavery idea, Well, it really would be. Sometimes the best way to deal with a nonviolent criminal behavior is what you just suggested.

Yes, slowly but surely the GOP is embracing a return to some form of slavery. Because its totally the party of Lincoln, yes?

Huckabee, for his part, is actually not a terrible salesman for the concept given how he routinely says completely insane things, but sells them alongside his silly zingers and his lopsided Gomer Pyle grin. Its crackpots like Huckabee who are the most dangerous, simply because they dont screech and stomp they seem reasonable long enough to disarm opponents, and then the real nutbaggery tumbles out. Huckabee is a master manipulator and even though his presidential aspirations are pretty much dead-on-arrival, he still generates many of the radical opinions that are spreading virally through the ranks of conservatism, at least on Fox News and AM talk radio.

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