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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Master P Says "Kobe Bryant's A Phony, He Couldve Saved Lamar Odoms Life"

As Lamar Odom remains on life support in a Nevada hospital, Master P is adding a dose of negative energy to what is already a hard situation for the former NBA players friends and family to deal with. P, who has been friends with Odom for 15 years and was like a mentor to him, claims Kobe Bryant couldve saved the 35-year-olds life before he went on a downward spiral.

TMZ caught up with the No Limit Records founder as he was leaving a local Ralphs grocery chain. Its a sad situation, he said. Its sad to see whats going on. The truth of the matter is its so many fake people out here.

Bryant reportedly rushed to Odoms side after he was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel and ultimately hospitalized. According to P, its all for show because Bryant didnt help Odom get back on the Lakers. He couldve got the man back on the team, thats all he wanted.

P added that the Kardashians are also using Odoms medical emergency for publicity. Im from the streets, I keep it real, he said.

Odom was dropped by the Lakers and traded to the Mavericks, and dropped again, around the time that he reportedly began to relapse, and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian fell apart. Giving him another chance couldve indeed made him happier, but theres no way to tell if it would have prevented Odoms current state.

Its no secret that the native New Yorker has battled personal demons, and this year has been especially hard with the loss of two of his very close friends.
Perhaps P doesnt understand that giving someone their job back isnt a quick fix to wiping away depression and/ or addiction. Nor is it Bryants responsibility to do so, and their friendship whether real or not should not to be defined by what he did or didnt do for him leading up to this seriously tragic predicament.

That said, Odom is fighting for his life, and the last thing he needs is more conflict around him. No one knows what if anything couldve changed the tide here. All that his loved ones can do at this point is focus on the present moment, and hope that he recovers.

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