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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lamar Odom Blew $75K At Nevada Brothel....

Lamar Odom spent a fortune -- $75,000 -- at Love Ranch South in just over 3 days.

Sources at the Ranch tell us, Ranch employees picked Lamar up and chauffeured him from his Vegas home to the ranch, 70 miles away.

When Odom got there he faced a lineup ... consisting of the working girls from which he had the pick of the litter.

He chose 2 girls who were at his beck and call the entire stay.

Lamar had the VIP suite and with room, board and girls ... the total was $75k.


Ryder Cherry is one of the brothel girls who found Odom unconscious and foaming at the mouth.
Odom was drinking cognac and had been downing herbal sexual enhancement pills called Reload for the length of his stay, sources said.

“We were advised that they were obtained at the establishment,” police said of the supplements.

The pills are available for sale at the ranch, but Odom also could have bought them elsewhere, said Dennis Hof, the renowned owner of the ranch.

He told one of the hookers “that on Saturday prior to arriving here that he had used a small amount of cocaine,” said Richard Hunter, a spokesman for the ranch.

The cause of his collapse was not officially confirmed, although investigators tested Odom’s blood for drugs and alcohol Wednesday.

Odom, 35, looked more Lenny Bruce than Los Angeles Laker upon arrival at the Las Vegas hospital, with cocaine in his system and needle marks on one of his arms, according to TMZ.com.

He arrived at the ranch in a car dispatched Saturday from the ranch to his Las Vegas residence.

http://m.nydailynews.com/... icle-1.2396652

Lamar Odom was unconscious with white stuff coming out of his nose when 2 different people at the Love Ranch South dialed 911 to get him medical assistance.

The Nye County Sheriff's Office just released the recordings from 2 employees of the Nevada brothel. They both described a white/pinkish substance running out of his nose and mouth.

The male caller was Richard Hunter, media director of the ranch, and he told the operator Lamar had cocaine on him on Saturday. He also said Lamar was taking heavy doses of the herbal Viagra substitute called Reload.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors determined there was cocaine in Odom's system when he got to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff says there's a possibility Odom could be charged for drug possession.
http://m.tmz.com/#article... -odom-911-call

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