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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet ShoTmye......

Kevin Hibbert, from Los Angeles, California is musically known as ShoTyme (S.TYME). He was born and raised in Los Angeles, but spent his childhood back and fourth from Jamaica to Los Angeles. Both of his parents were Jamaican natives, his father from Trench Wood, and his mother from Kingston. Shotyme was only nine months of age during a tragic incident, that would change his life. It was reported by family and friends that Shotyme’s father killed his mother before committing suicide. ShoTyme’s childhood was short lived as he was forced to become a man at a young age after both of his parents died from the gunshot wounds. Left to be raised by his half brother, Shotyme became street affiliated and self reliant due to the fact his adopted mother was incarcerated in federal prison for 12years. This may sound like a made up fairy tale to some, but “real life” is what Shotyme calls it. Throughout all the trials and tribulations Shotyme experienced in his childhood, he became independent and maintained a reputation for his positive attitude among people and always spreading love and respect. Shotyme says music got him through all his trials. Furthermore, ShoTyme has shown a love for music from the age of six and has been writing his own music from age eleven. At age fourteen, Shotyme was introduced to a rapper -through his step sister who is now deceased- from Compton, California known as “Guerilla Black”.  He began working with the independent label Dolla Figga Music. Dolla Figga featured Shotyme on the video game sound track “187rideordie”  ,which gave Shotyme notoriety  in the streets and produced a confidence and determination within the artist.  Striving to become an entertainer that captures people’s attention and heart, ShoTyme persisted on writing his own type of music which he calls Reggae-Hip-Hop. Reggae-Hip-Hop derived from his own array of experiences between living the best of both worlds in Jamaica and the U.S. Shotyme created his own lane and sound of Reggae-Hip-Hop with determination to become the next big international artist. Since childhood he became determined to make music that people will enjoy, writing music and entertaining remain his passion.
ShoTyme is now 28 years old and has created his own print in the underground music world with his notable hardcore sharp voice. Shotyme collaborates with local artists around Southern California and also performs at numerous venues including the House of Blues on Sunset, the Roxy in Hollywood, and The Wiltern in Downtown Los Angeles . ShoTyme continues to  prepare for and book upcoming shows, also feature on songs with numerous artists. Currently Shotyme is working with TIU Muzic, MPR records and last but not least PearTree records.  Shotyme also balances his lifestyle with his role as a man of God and trying to be righteous in everthing he does. ShoTyme has also been showing his versatility by performing at talent shows for local churches in Los angeles, Ca. “It can be a hand full if you don’t know your purpose in the music industry,” Shotyme says, but making his controversial lifestyle a positive one is his purpose. “If it was not for music…” Shotyme says, he might had become a “badman” (Gangster), who many people would fear due to his fathers reputation. However, ShoTyme kept his mind on music and it continues to be his number one love in life. Shotyme will continue to live by his motto, “I honor those who honor me & respect those who respect me… God gave me this ability to write and entertain, as a result I will grant his wishes and do so.”

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