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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mavado, Aklaline & I-Octane – Above Dem [New Music]

Who knows that this collab would be in the making and released so soon? Last year Alkaline had an interview where he express his self to the media that Mavado, I-Octane and he him self are the only one’s who actually doing it in dancehall at this time, and everyone else was lost. Dj Frass Records featuring music by Mavado. Alkaline & I-Octane “Above Dem.”
F**ker dem, mi seh f**ker dem
Whole heap a fight wi get
But still above a dem
Wi laugh haha f**ker dem
Wi laugh the bugger dem
The more dem try fi fight wi
Wi tun up and up again
Wi money nuff and nuff again
Pagans a cuss again
The powder and the oil
Nothing yo use nuh work again
Cyaa tell when last mi bruk again
Dem gyal wi still a f**K again
The money and the fame yo know wi have it over dem
Mavado, Aklaline & I-Octane – Above Dem Lyrics
Listen full track below.


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