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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jihad John Unmasked ???


The first picture of British ISIS executioner Jihadi John's face as an adult has been published - from his time as a model student at the University of Westminster.
The world's most wanted man was named yesterday as Mohammed Emwazi, a British 'known wolf' who grew up in west London and fled to Syria under the nose of MI5 in 2012.
This afternoon this picture - the first of him as an adult - emerged from his time at the University of Westminster, where he studied Information Systems with Business Management from 2006 to 2009.
Wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap and sporting a goatee beard, the photograph shows eyes which clearly belong to the Islamic State's executioner-in-chief.
But when this photo was taken he was a model student at a London university - his academic record shows he passed all but two of the modules for his degree, gaining a 2:2.

2009 - Emwazi completes a degree in computing from the University of Westminster. He arranges to marry a woman in Kuwait.
August 2009 - Emwazi travels to Tanzania with two friends for a Safari holiday. Upon arrival, all three are stopped at the airport in Dar-es-Salaam by border officials and refused entry. The men spend the night in a police station near to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam.
They are put on a plane to Schipol, Amsterdam, where they are questioned by a number of men, reportedly including an MI5 officer, who accuse him of attempting to travel to Somalia. Emwazi claims MI5 then tried to recruit him.
The men are released and allowed to return to Dover, where they are questioned again by anti-terror officers.
Emwazi claims the police spoke to his fiancee in Kuwait, ultimately leading her to call off the arranged marriage.
September 2009 - Emwazi leaves the UK to stay in Kuwait with his father's family.
May 2010 - After eight months working in Kuwait, Emwazi returns to the UK for an eight-day visit. He is stopped in Heathrow but allowed to continue. He returns to Kuwait eight days later in early June.
July 2010 - After spending a couple more months in Kuwait and making plans to marry a different woman, Emwazi decides to return home once more for a couple of days.
He is stopped in Heathrow airport from returning to Kuwait and questioned for six hours.
The following day he attempts to return to Kuwait but is told he cannot travel further than Dubai as his visa has been refused.
2012 - Emwazi passes a SELTA, teaching English language course with two other friends.
He applies to English language centres in Saudi Arabia and is rejected.
2013 - He changes his name to Mohammed al-Ayan.
He attempts to travel to Kuwait one last time but is prevented and questioned.
Three days after he is prevented from travelling to Kuwait, Emwazi leaves his parents' home to travel abroad.
After a further three days, his parents report him as a missing person.
Four months later, police arrive at the family home to explain they have information he has entered Syria.

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