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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bruce Bowen Rips J.R. Smith Following Comment About Knicks and New York Nightlife....

Former Spurs star and current ESPN analyst Bruce Bowen ripped J.R. Smith following his comments last week about focusing more on basketball in Cleveland because he was too caught up with the New York nightlife during his time with the Knicks.


I think this is a shame and a tragedy in and of itself, but he says, Well, when I was in New York I was hanging out a bit too much, Bowen told the Daily News. You never would have heard that from (former Knick) Charles Oakley because he was a professional. He understood that first and foremost it was about my job on the court and Im gonna do that to the best of my ability. But this was the type of mentality you had at that time.
Bowen, who is serving as an ambassador for the NBA All-Star weekend in New York this month, said despite how bad things have gone for the Knicks this year, its a positive that theyre changing the culture and getting rid of characters like Smith.


You start taking away those types of individuals from the ballclub, you start the process of cleaning up the little things and the stuff in the locker room, Bowen said. So now you have a more receptive group, and yes, theyre not where theyd like to be of course, but theyre still trying to figure things out as far as getting the right type of players.

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