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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mother Gives Strange Response To Her Sons Role In Homicidal Carjacking...

A 69-year old woman was killed in the Belhaven neighborhood near Jackson, Mississippi. A 16-year old boy, Antwain Dukes, has turned himself in and been charged with murder.

Two other teenagers, Antreal Jones and Jerome Moore, both of whom are 17-years old, have been charged with the heinous and violent crime. The trio have been charged with both capital murder and carjacking.

Carolyn Temple was killed during a robbery that took place in front of her boyfriends home. The woman died late Monday from the shooting.

Moores mother, Shronda Burns, says that her son wasnt involved in the womans murder. She admits that her young son is persistent criminal offender, but tries to vouch for the fact that he would never shoot anyone.

My son aint going to shoot no gun, Burns said. Now, Im not saying that he wouldnt rob nobody, but I know he wont shoot no gun.

Burns says that despite her sons age, he is well-known among the police officers in the city of Jackson. She says that hes known for less violent crimes, but not for killing anybody.

Every police (officer) up in there knows him, Burns said. My son is known for house burglary. Thats all his charges when he was going to the detention center was house burglary.

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