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Friday, January 16, 2015

Camron Sends A Message to the Bitter One & RapInsider On IG: "#rushthethrone"....

2 hours ago
Lolol it's sad.. That dat nigga....is such a hater..lolol @djfunkflex got in ya ass..nh..lastnite.. And u soooo bitter.. So now u got blogs tryna find anything..huh..lolol���� that ain't my mother nigga..and my real mom @virgie_og ..said u can suck her dick too.. And The Rap Insider.. Glad people see y'all aren't creditable either..thx #RushTheThrone

lol his mom posts

2 hours ago
Rp from @mr_camron Look at this fu*kery here Smfh And that's not even me. fu*k them and their mommas. Thanks to @pesostayfly for alerting me. Good looking

Camron interview with breakfast club : mentions the 40/40 club at 2:05


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