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Friday, January 16, 2015

Greg Anthony Arrested In Prostitution Sting...

> Greg Anthony arrested in prostitution sting - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!


Plot To Kill Vybz Kartel In Prison...

> Plot to kill Vybz Kartel in prison - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!
The Correctional Service Department has uncovered a plot to k!ll Kartel.
Kartel and three co-accused were convicted last year and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murd3r of Clive Lizard Williams.

According to well placed sources, prison personnel uncovered the plot to k!ll Kartel.
It reportedly involved an ancillary worker and a fellow inmate at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

According to our sources the ancillary worker confessed that she was directed by the inmate to pick up what was purported to be two bottles of lotion and three ratchet knives.

The bottles are reported to have contained poison which is said to be able to penetrate the skin.

She managed to smuggle the items into the high-security institution. Following investigations the items were discovered in a section of the facility.

The ancillary worker was accosted and she later confessed to being involved in the plot to pass the items to the inmate who was allegedly planning to attack Kartel when both would be released from their cells.
The ancillary worker has been taken into custody and is expected to be further questioned.

Rae Sremmurd Having Way Too Much Fun On Highly Questionable...


Next Level Problem Solvers...

50Cent Opens The Vault .Shows Us Approximately 43.1 Million In Cash In The Background...

Kevin Hart at The Breakfast Club: Movies Roles, Fame, Battles, Old Friends, JayZ, Ex-Wife, Proposal....


[NEW] Camron & Jim Jones - Victory *Freestyle* Shots at JayZ....

After Funk Flex came out and threw some half-ass subliminal shots at JayZ regarding Dipset, it looks like Cam and Jim Jones are wasting no time to address the situation further. Dipset taking a page out of 50/GUnit's book ... trying to fuel that comeback with the one thing that always sells in hiphop: beef. Only difference is that this actually has a lot of history behind it, what Hov gonna do?

This gonna be good.

Source: http://www.missinfo.tv/index.php/cam...ory-freestyle/

Camron Sends A Message to the Bitter One & RapInsider On IG: "#rushthethrone"....

2 hours ago
Lolol it's sad.. That dat nigga....is such a hater..lolol @djfunkflex got in ya ass..nh..lastnite.. And u soooo bitter.. So now u got blogs tryna find anything..huh..lolol���� that ain't my mother nigga..and my real mom @virgie_og ..said u can suck her dick too.. And The Rap Insider.. Glad people see y'all aren't creditable either..thx #RushTheThrone

lol his mom posts

2 hours ago
Rp from @mr_camron Look at this fu*kery here Smfh And that's not even me. fu*k them and their mommas. Thanks to @pesostayfly for alerting me. Good looking

Camron interview with breakfast club : mentions the 40/40 club at 2:05


Donald Trump Has News For Brooklyn...

> Donald Trump Has News Brooklyn.... - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Golden Tate: I Didn't Have Sex With Russell's Wife & Harvin Didn't Knock MeOut....

Golden Tate wants to set the record straight on a couple of rumors about him. One being that he had sex with Russell Wilsons wife and the other being Percy Harvin knocked him out before the Super Bowl.

Here is what he had to say.

I did not have an affair with Russell Wilsons wife, nor did I have anything to do with his divorce, Tate wrote. That is laughable for anyone who knows us. His ex-wife, Ashton, is still best friends with my girlfriend. Russell and I were good friends when I was in Seattle, on and off the fieldhe knows the rumors about me were unfounded, damaging to my reputation, and an attack on my character.

To set the record straight, I was not punched by Percyduring Super Bowl week last year, nor did I have a black eye, as was speculated on by various Internet reports, Tate continued. Percy and I did have a confrontation, yes, but no punches were thrown, and it certainly never rose to the level that was erroneously reported by certain outlets.

I believe he didnt sleep with Russell Wilsons wife, but I dont believe that he and Harvin didnt come to blows. I have it on good authority he got the worse of the altercation.


The Miami Police Department - Real Or Fake???

Charlamagne: 2 White Rappers Are Up for Grammy - Iggy & Childish....


"No Homo But My Blunt Look Like A DiCk" - Young Thug

Your Favorite Indie Rapper is Secretly Signed to a Major Label....

> Your Favorite Indie Rapper is Secretly Signed to a Major Label - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!
You may not be familiar with my stellar resume, so let’s review. One time, ScHoolboy Q got arrested at my SXSW show. Another time, I went to the Playboy Mansion and (kinda) got in a f!ght with Xzibit. And then there was that time I broke the Krispy Kreme is a hoax story, for which I was awarded all of the Pulitzers ever. Wait for it, wait for it....you knew it was coming.

Oh yeah, and I was also one of the first people to publicly talk about seemingly indie rappers who are secretly signed to a major label, whom I oh-so-cleverly called “mindie” rappers (major x indie = mindie)*. Breaking the mindie phenomenon is legitimately one of the better things I’ve done as a music writer, but in even the last couple years enough has changed, and enough people still ask me what I’m talking about when I use the term mindie, that I thought the topic was worth a revisit. Let’s start from the beginning.

About two years ago I was having lunch with an A&R, which may sound name-droppy but is actually the kind of ordinary thing that happens when you’ve been working around the music industry for years. In fact, one of the first real lessons I learned is that the vast majority of A&Rs don’t have any real power. Their role as an “influencer” is mostly smoke and mirrors, which is maybe why this guy told me about the mindie deals he had seen, to make himself seem important, a possessor of secret knowledge. Or maybe he just couldn’t handle his lunch beers like my Slovak liver. Or maybe he just didn't think it was a big deal. But whatever the reason, when I asked him what artists he was working on, he just came right out with it. “Actually, we’ve got Kevin Gates, Skizzy Mars and Cam Meekins signed, but we’re not making it public.”+

I didn’t want to scare him away from telling me more, so I stayed cool and calm. The inside of my head was like, WHAT? IS THIS A THING PEOPLE KNOW?!?, but my face looked as calm as if he had just told me he likes ham sandwiches. And it worked, he kept talking. Essentially, the strategy revolved around the idea that a big part of these artists’ appeal was their “indie” status. Fans loved feeling like they were supporting an indie artist, loved feeling like the artist’s successes were their successes, and that by making a major label signing public they’d ruin that relationship. Even though behind the scenes they’d be giving the artist a marketing and promotions budget, they’d keep the relationship in the background, if not hidden. It made sense. Everyone loves feeling like they discovered an awesome new artist, no one likes feeling like they’re the target of a corporate advertising campaign, especially when it comes to music. 

The artist would get access to resources they wouldn’t have as an actual indie artist and the label would get a potential future superstar at a bargain price early in their career. Everyone wins. (Except the fans, and the artist locked into a bad deal, and the label when that artist doesn’t take off. But otherwise, sure, great plan.)

At the time, this felt like enough of revelation that I was careful about saying too much. Who knew, maybe this dude was just making it all up. I wasn’t going to potentially mess up anyone’s career, or my own, by naming names. I’d talk about it, but cautiously. But knowing these mindie deals could even possibly exist started to change how I viewed new artists. Trinidad James blows up seemingly out of nowhere, says he’s unsigned in interviews, then literally eight days after that interview he announces that he’s signed to Def Jam? Maybe, or maybe he was always secretly signed to Def Jam and they helped blow up "All Gold Everything" behind the scenes. The matrix was opening up to me, the signs of secret major label manipulation were everywhere. The paranoia was creeping in.

Then, slowly, over the years, more and more evidence started to leak out that perhaps my paranoia wasn’t so paranoid after all. A friend ended up at a party at legendary exec Lyor Cohen’s house with Joey Bada$$ where Lyor said he was working on signing Joey. Joey’s people have insisted that a deal with Lyor was never really on the table, and I believe them, but it also showed me that at the very least the barriers between the indie/underground and the big time movers and shakers might not exist like I had perhaps naively always a$sumed.

But ultimately that Lyor story was pure conjecture. The first actual, for really-real evidence that supported my mindie hypothesis was this story on Young Thug’s label deals. Turns out that behind-the-scenes he was signed to APG, exactly the same imprint that A&R who originally told me about mindie signings worked for. It didn’t work out because, surprise, Young Thug didn’t turn out to be the most reliable business partner, but still….real evidence! If I knew for a fact that APG had kept their deal with Thug under wraps, it was no longer crazy to think they had other deals they were similarly keeping on the low. And what were the chances that APG was the only major label using this tactic.

And then Logic. Oh….Logic. Just listen to this:

Watch from 15 minutes 42 Seconds to hear him say he was signed to Def Jam or watch from 15 minutes flat to hear more of the context.
Most people probably didn’t pay much attention to that portion of the interview, Rosenberg completely brushes it off, but for me, the guy who’d spent the last year wondering if every popular “indie” artist was secretly signed to a major, it was an epiphany. And I mean epiphany in the dictionary sense: a manifestation of the divine. HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS LOGIC WAS A MINDIE ARTIST!!! I’M NOT CRAZY AFTER ALL!!!

Knowing for sure that mindie deals existed only made me more paranoid though. Suddenly, there wasn’t a new rapper who was getting even a glimmer of shine that I didn’t suspect. Was Raury’s sudden ascension really that organic? How long had he actually been signed to Columbia? Dej Loaf goes from almost complete unknown to viral sensation to a deal with Columbia in the span of a couple months completely on her own? Drake signed Makonnen to OVO after he did the "Tuesday (Remix)"? How long had Drake and Makonnen really been working together? Where did Makonnen get the money for those pretty high-budget, supposedly pre-signing videos?

To be absolutely clear, I have zero evidence that any of those artists I just mentioned are mindie. I'm only bringing them up as hypothetical examples. They really could have blown themselves up and then signed to a major label. It’s not just possible, it’s highly likely. But that’s the nature of my mindie-induced paranoia; I now trust no one.

I sat down with 9th Wonder a few months back, looked him dead in the face, and said, “Tell me Jamla is actually indie. Don’t let me find out that Rapsody’s been secretly signed to Atlantic for the past two years.” He insisted there was (at the time he told me) zero major label involvement in Jamla, and I believe him because 9th is one of the few people I trust as a man of his word. But after that Logic admission, at least one fiber of my being, .01% of me, will always wonder. After this, this, this and countless more stories, can I ever still be totally confident that any of my sports heroes haven’t used steroids? That’s exactly where I’m at with indie rappers.

And not all of the increasingly blurry lines between the majors and indie are so hidden. Those blurs are just the nature of the constantly changing nature of the music industry in 2014. Is Macklemore indie? He’s not signed to a major label, but he did hire the major label system to help get Thrift Shop on the radio. Funk Volume now has a relationship with Warner Bros. that Funk Volume CEO Damien Ritter has said doesn’t fundamentally change their indie status. He spoke about it how those kind of deals can be structured in an interview with HipHopDX, and also touched on the mindie phenomenon (although I’ve clearly got to get him to use the term “mindie).
Read the rest of the article/It in it's entirety at:http://www.djbooth.net/index/news/en...ed-major-label

Very Interesting read > Your Favorite Indie Rapper is Secretly Signed to a Major Label - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below! I always guessed Childish Gambino,Chance The Rapper and Mackelmore were signed to major on the hush but this article makes me wonder if their are others...

Funk Flex Going At Jay Z...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Looks Like Chris Crown Done Switched Gangs...

Mother Gives Strange Response To Her Sons Role In Homicidal Carjacking...

A 69-year old woman was killed in the Belhaven neighborhood near Jackson, Mississippi. A 16-year old boy, Antwain Dukes, has turned himself in and been charged with murder.

Two other teenagers, Antreal Jones and Jerome Moore, both of whom are 17-years old, have been charged with the heinous and violent crime. The trio have been charged with both capital murder and carjacking.

Carolyn Temple was killed during a robbery that took place in front of her boyfriends home. The woman died late Monday from the shooting.

Moores mother, Shronda Burns, says that her son wasnt involved in the womans murder. She admits that her young son is persistent criminal offender, but tries to vouch for the fact that he would never shoot anyone.

My son aint going to shoot no gun, Burns said. Now, Im not saying that he wouldnt rob nobody, but I know he wont shoot no gun.

Burns says that despite her sons age, he is well-known among the police officers in the city of Jackson. She says that hes known for less violent crimes, but not for killing anybody.

Every police (officer) up in there knows him, Burns said. My son is known for house burglary. Thats all his charges when he was going to the detention center was house burglary.

Jordin Sparks At The Breakfast Club: Jason Derulo, Leased Car, Break-Up, Music, Weight Loss, Family....


Glad To See Mama Winslow From Family Matters Still Alive...

Glad to see Mama Winslow from Family Matters still Alive...

When you forget your key and your mom dont get off till 6...

When you out with the squad & ya mom calls and says "Bring your ass home now !!!" ...

I found Another nigga looking like a Wii character ...

Baby Mama issues #CanYouRelate...

When you got some weed on you and you hear some police sirens...


____ Public schools be like:

Gully Bop & Shauna Chin Talks Engagement, Pregnancy....

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin 2015
Gully Bop and Shauna Chin sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage for their first joint interview.
The two love birds opened up about their controversial relationship, their engagements, pregnancy rumors, and the deejay’s fallout with Claims Records.

“First of all I never join on to anybody so I can’t break off of anybody,”Gully Bop said about parting ways with Claims Records. “Let me tell you who could have break me off, Supreme Promotions, who I have been with since 1992, and any messed up went down it was me.”
Gully Bop made it clear that Shauna Chin is his current manager. “I need a manager and not a ‘damager,'” Bop said.
The deejay said there is no bad blood and he credits them for putting out his song.
When asked about those pregnancy rumors, the couple says they are working on it but has not happen yet.
Shauna Chin also showed off her diamond engagement ring.

Chris Brown Fears For His Life, Staying Out Of Clubs...

Chris Brown club performance
Chris Brown is shaken by the recent club shooting that he was involved in that left five people nursing gunshot wounds.
The “Loyal” singer was performing at the San Jose nightclub early Sunday morning when gunshots rang out inside the club sending everyone into a panic.

Chris Brown took cover backstage before he was escorted out by club security. Now the R&B singer is keeping a low profile and staying out of the clubs.
“No more performances at these low end clubs or clubs that lacks proper security,” a source told JBTV.

“It was a scary situation and you just don’t know who is he target and this is the second time something like this is happening, so he is taking extra precaution,” the source added.
Chris Brown was not hurt in the melee but was visibly shaken. There are rumors that he could be a target in relation to some gang feud.

Gully Bop Hospitalized Following Surgery....

Gully Bop Hospitalized
Dancehall viral sensation Gully Bop is currently hospitalzed after doing a corrective surgery for hernia.
Sources close to the “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me” deejay told JBTV that he is in stable condition and doctors are closely monitoring him following a successful surgery.

“Bop is good and to all the fans who are concerned I can assure you that he is doing okay,” the source told us.
Gully Bop’s booking agent and head of Supreme Promotions also confirmed the surgery.
“Gully Bop is at the Medical Associates hospital to undergo surgery to repair his hernia. He has had the condition for quite some time and he has to deal with it so that’s why we made a conscious decision not to do any bookings for him for January. He has to correct the problem to deal with the hustle and bustle that will come later this year,” Laing said.
Gully Bop and his fiancĂ©e Shauna Chin are expecting their first child together.

Cortez Bryant Defending Lil Wayne After Cash Money Fallout....

Lil Wayne longtime manager Cortez Bryant is running to his defense amidst his fallout with Cash Money Records and Birdman.
Last month Bryant said everything was good between Weezy and the label, but now he is singing a different tune. On Monday he posted a very telling message on Instagram defending Lil Wayne who is also a close friend of.

This is what Cortez Bryant wrote on Instagram:
“@LilTunechi (Lil Wayne) built Young Money from his dreams to reality. Launched the careers of @Drake @NICKIMINAJ @Tyga not from their talent but from the belief in what he saw that they saw in themselves and put everything in making sure they fulfill their dreams! That’s what Young Money is about That’s the DNA of the real Lil Wayne Sacrifice himself to want his artist to be better! Wayne carried Cash Money on his back for over 10 years when he could have left and did this on his own The most loyal person I know on earth! He don’t deserve the shit he’s going through at this point in the game. One thing for sure Two things for certain @mackmaine and myself will not let this dream die WE GOT US! #YOUNG MONEY #sorry4forthewait #freeCV”
“And for all our other artist that’s been loyal from the beginning and patiently waiting for their number to be called! That’s coming too! The world also will see what Wayne saw in them that’s J Millz Gudda Gudda Cory Gunz Lil Twist Shanell! Once we unlock these chains It’s on Young Money!”

Last month Lil Wayne went on a public rant accusing Birdman and other Cash Money label exec of holding him hostage and refusing to release his new album Tha Carter V despite it being finished.
“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u,” Lil Wayne wrote on his Twitter timeline.

Sources close to YMCMB told JBTV that Lil Wayne is gearing up for a legal battle with Cash Money to get out of his contract.
“He has had meetings with his lawyers who are prepared to file court documents if necessary to get Tha Carter V release and to get him (Lil Wayne) out the contract,” the source said.

Lebron Vs Gilbert: The Power Struggle In Cleveland....

What follows was read on the Dan LeBatard show this afternoon. It is my view on the power struggle playing out between Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavalier organization.
In listening to your extended conversation with Windhorst yesterday a few thoughts crossed my mind I want you to consider.
First, there can be no doubt that Lebron is involved in the mutinous locker room dynamic. If he had Blatt’s back any mutiny would be immediately nonexistent. Therefore, logic allows one to deduce that a mutinous dynamic that persists beyond management’s vouching for the coach could only thrive behind Lebron’s influence.
Second, Lebron has tried this before. If you recall in 2010, “his people” leaked to reporters that the team did not respect Eric Spoelstra. Following that, it was reported that a meeting  with Riley resulted in the squashing of Lebron’s manipulations. I am on board with you in respecting Lebron’s will to exert power in as many aspects as he can, I applaud his intelligence and foresight.

Which brings me to my definitive point which you skimmed over with Windhorst: there is an incredible power struggle at play right now in Cleveland. You have been coy about what you have leaked to us, the public about Lebron’s true reasons for leaving Miami. You gave us generalities like the combination of homesickness, roster concerns, affronts to his pride and influence over the organization, etc. With what we know it follows that he orchestrated his return to Cleveland to address these issues.
He believed Kyrie would prove a more reliable teammate than Dwyane. In this, he underestimated the versatility of Dwyane’s accommodations and the limits Kyrie’s ego (not to mention defensive limitations) placed on their partnership.
Second, he underestimated Chris Bosh. He believed Kevin Love’s rebounding numbers equated to the ideal big man partnership Bosh could never afford him. What he underestimated was Bosh’s worth as a defender and as an accommodating teammate, just like Dwyane. I theorize that Lebron felt he carried the Heat. He could reasonably feel this way because he won in 2012 with Dwyane severely limited by injury and Bosh being limited by a torn ab muscle. In 2013 it is my belief that though he loves Dwyane as a friend, he felt the team was most effective when Dwyane was out of the way and he was allowed to be surrounded by shooters. In fact, the stats supported this perspective with little ambiguity. With the blow out series against San Antonio, his mind was made up about the long term value of the partnership. He assumed that if he returned to Cleveland he could wield the power and influence he had his first time there (Woj reported horror stories about this). What he did not anticipate is Cleveland leveraging his very own manipulations against him. The SI coming home article, the rally in the football stadium, the commercials (Curiously, Nike, Beats, and all his other sponsors have stopped the campaign of coming home related marketing), all these have served to put him in the position for it to be nearly impossible for him to leave Cleveland next summer. The owner who regarded him as property is now trying to outsmart him.
They are both playing this game publicly. First, with Lebron’s  I will not hesitate to make a business decision to leave Cleveland leak to the media, second with his fake, secret whispering during the Christmas game about reuniting with Wade and subsequent denial, and then with Cleveland responding by saying Blatt’s the coach and Tristan Thompson will take what we are offering or walk.
What is Lebron’s next move? There are two paths to take: remain entrenched with the demand for coach removal and hope they cave. That could prove embarrassing with all the losses. It may be more prudent and downright ruthless to use his camp to leak to the media that it is an untenable situation. For example some variation of: “Lebron knows the difference between a world class organization and a bad one,  this organization lacks winning leadership at the top”,etc. With this reworking of the narrative he could start leveraging his way out of Cleveland.  In the next month or two Lebron could easily manipulate the narrative to say that he is being forced away from home again by poor management, a losing culture that no one, not even Lebron James, could overcome. I see this as the most likely outcome. Cleveland is not advancing past the second round with Blatt or Lue as coach. Lebron will realize that winning in Cleveland is not realistic. Once Kevin Love bolts (he will), and Kyrie gets traded, no other major player will sign with Cleveland. Can you name a top ten player that will sign up for a stint in Cleveland with Lebron? There isn’t one. Not Anthony Davis, Durant, Westbrook, the Portland Boys, the Warrior Boys, no one.
Get tuned into this story Dan, the drama is only beginning. The country afforded this team the benefit of the doubt where it did not earn it. The irony of this is that the Miami story was always a decent and principled one, everything this one is not. They genuinely came together in friendship and with relative sacrifice to win the right way. They played for each other, revolutionized offense in basketball, optimized Lebron’s greatness, and were compelling in every way. Lebron took this for granted and is now faced with a situation that may define his legacy.
*The original email was edited for clarity.