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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DJ Mustard Sued For Being A 'Fraudulent Producer'...

DJ Mustard is damn near the undisputed producer of the year but an old running buddy by the name of Mike Free is alleging in a new lawsuit that its all a sham.

Free is claiming that the Roc Nation hitmaker (real name Dijon McFarlane) let him come up with all the ideas for smashes dating as far back as Tygas 2011 Rack City but took all the credit and
the money.

Reports TMZ:

DJ Mustard gets credit for producing huge songs like Rack City and My Ni**a but he isnt half the hit maker he claims to be according to a buddy who says Mustards been burning him badly.

Music composer Mike Free says he actually wrote, composed and recorded the music that ended up becoming Tygas hit Rack City but in a new lawsuit he says DJ Mustard isnt giving him his due in terms of credit AND cash.

In the suit, Free says he and Mustard were childhood friends who made a deal to share composer and producer credits. According to Free he had tons of ideas for tracks while Mustard had the connections to sell em.

Free says he did the same for a ton of other tracks like Im Different by 2Chainz Dont Tell Em by Jeremih Party Aint a Party by Jamie Foxx and I Dont F**k With You by Big Sean. And thats just a few of em.

Bottom line Free wants his cut of royalties from all those songs and proper producing credit.

The legal system only cares about what you can prove, and in some instances, that tidbit gets fuzzy in a court of law. It should be interesting to see if Mustard keeps up his reign of dominance in 2015 without Free by his side.

Photo: Instagram/DJ Mustard


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