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Monday, October 27, 2014

Drake Rushes Back Into DC Nightclub 'Stadium', To Throw Cash Or Fight With Tyga's Affiliates?

While Drake made fans happy by blessing them with three new tracks yesterday, last night the OVO rapper was at least momentarily in a foul mood. In footage, the Toronto native is seen angrily rushing back into a DC nightclub, tossing a gang of cash to the ground in the process.

Reports TMZ:


Drake was celebrating his birthday at Club Stadium in Washington D.C. Saturday night/early Sunday and we dont know why, but Drizzy was carrying what looked like thousands of bucks.
Some people inside the club claimed they saw someone punch a member of Drakes crew which could have triggered his temper.

Drakes posse was famously involved in a blow-out with Chris Browns crew at W.I.P. nightclub in 2012, so it wouldnt be the first time .

Someone in Drakes entourage was heads up enough to retrieve most of the loot.

Stadium is also a strip club, so thats what the cash was for because, strippers. Also, shouldnt have his OVO goons dudes handled this sort of situation because should they really be letting their gravy train dish out fades which inevitably lead to lawsuits?

Rumor is Drakes DJ caught the fade courtesy of Tyga affiliates. Or a stripper stole his chain? But this is all pure speculation. Yeah, this story is developing.


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