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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Suspension 'It Was My Mistake' (video)

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Proud Dad Or Nah???

I hate condoms

Fab and his fake jewelry???

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Lil Wayne Attends Supperclub To Celebrate Mack Maines Birthday, A Crip Gang Member Approaches Him….

To celebrate Mack Maines birthday, Lil Wayne and his homies attended Supperclub in Hollywood last night for Supperclub Tuesdays.

As well as Weezy F Baby and Mack, also attending the nightclub last night was Christina Milian, Troy J, DJ Scoob Doo, Lil Twist, Super Hood, and Cortez Bryant.

Below, you can watch a clip of Tune leaving the club and walking to his Maybach when a Crip approaches him. The gang member throws up his set and punches the car.

Lil Wayne Attends Supperclub To Celebrate Mack Maines Birthday, A Crip Gang Member Approaches Him

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Noisey Use Gays In Vybz Kartel “Beautiful Girl” Music Video….

Vybz Kartel is turning in his prison cell right now.
Noisey has released an unofficial music video for Vybz Kartel single “Beautiful Girl” using gays in Kingston.

According to Noisey, they created the video as part of their new documentary about homosexuals living in the Kingston sewer system.
While making a documentary on The Gully Queens of New Kingston, a growing community of gay and transgender youth living in the Jamaican capital’s storm drain system on Trafalgar Road, we met people that had been driven below the depths of the city by desperation. This unique community has found solace in the lyrics of street life and struggle of the recently incarcerated singer Vybz Kartel, a national hero of sorts and considered “The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” by many.
The music video shows members of the growing gay community getting dress and putting on their makeups to venture out into the New Kingston nightlife.
Watch the video below.

Reps for Vybz Kartel told JoeBlaxTV that the deejay is not happy about the video and will be instructed his lawyers to take action.
“This is not an official video and Addi is distancing himself from it,” his rep told us.
“He has already instructed his lawyer to take the necessary action to protect his image,” the rep added.
Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Jamaica for murder.

I-Octane – Don Talk [New Music]

I-Octane Reggae Sumfest
Dancehall star I-Octane drop a new single “Don Talk,” off the Evidence Riddim, produced by Patron House Music.
3:00 no too late
Fi mi friend dem bleach a yo gate
The dawgs dem hungry and ready
Fi nam off the food from yo plate
Listen full track below.


Jah Vinci – Love Triangle [New Music]

jah vinci
Dancehall star Jah Vinci drop a new single “Love Triangle,” off the Evidence Riddim, produced by Patron House Music.
Baby can yuh seet from my angle
Yo fi seet from my angle
Seh love is just a game weh yo cyaa handle
This a supn weh yo cyaa handle
And everyday wi fight
Better yuh just gwaan and done
Better yuh just gwaan and done
Tek the first half cause mi know it a go bitter when it done
Yuh a go cry when yuh hear seh it done

Dancehall Artist Propally Killed In Motorcycle Accident…

The entertainment community was once again thrown into a state of disarray after news broke that another entertainer had been killed. According to preliminary information gathered upcoming Dancehall artiste ‘Propally’ was killed in the wee hours of Saturday morning.
The artiste whose given name is Samora Grey met his untimely demise last Saturday (July 26th) in the vicinity of Half Way Tree when he was struck by a motorcycle, he succumbed to his injuries.
Propally’s death comes as a shock to many especially True Gift Entertainment (T.G.E) who was on the verge of inking a management deal with the burgeoning star. Dancehall superstar and President of T.G.E, Demarco, who was in the U.S at the time of the incident says he is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of such a promising and affable entertainer.
“Today is a very sad day for the Jamaican music industry and T.G.E, as we bemoan the loss of another talented soldier who met his demise in such a tragic manner. It hurts to the core; we recently started working with him and were only days away from signing Propally as an official member to the camp. No one knows what tomorrow brings and therefore the Almighty knows best. We would like to extend our deepest condolences and prayers to his family and friends in this their time of grief.” – A statement from the camp read.

Despite not achieving his big break Propally was no stranger to the entertainment scene and has performed at several notable events including Champions In Action, Camp Fire, and Brit Jam.
The young deejay has worked with industry players such as Marlon Samuels, ZJ Sparks, ZJ Dymond, Frenz For Real Production, Armzhouse Records, Jay Crazie Records and is best known for his collaborative efforts ‘Concrete Jungle’ with Jah Vinci and ‘Deh Pon Mi Way’ featuring Demarco.

Dad punches man at Pennsylvania Wawa for ogling his daughter…

Police are searching for an overprotective father who assaulted a man for looking at his daughter.
The Upper Darby Police Department in suburban Philadelphia has released a picture of the man and his daughter who were in a Wawa convenience store Sunday when police said the man did not approve of how another male was looking at his child.
The suspect, dressed in a red polo shirt, punched the man in the face, police said. He then left the store.
The victim suffered serious injuries from the assault, police said.
Police did not release any additional information regarding the victim or suspect.
This guy's not an overprotective father ... That's just his excuse for thumping the guy.
"If somebody's looking at your daughter, why don't you confront him instead of punching him?" Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told Philly.com. "This guy's not an overprotective father ... That's just his excuse for thumping the guy."
Anyone with information can call 610-734-7693.


When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup….

So Lonely 

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

> When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Stephen A. Smith - "If You Hit a Man Don’t Be Surprised if He Hits Back"

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Nelly on Floyd Mayweather: "It's Kind Of Hard Talking To Someone Who Hasn't Graduated High School"

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Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing ____ People on the Big Screen….

I'm tired of seeing white people on the silver screen.

First, let me note that I am white.
I am a white woman who goes to the theater to see probably a dozen films (if not more) in a given year, a white woman who readily consumes TV shows and series and often blogs/tweets about them. I love film. I love what Hollywood could be, but I must say that I don't love what it is, and that is a machine generating story after story in which the audience is asked to root for a white (usually male) hero over and over and over (and over) again. I'm tired. I'm tired of directors pretending that white actors are the default and that people of color are a distraction when it comes to filmmaking. I'm tired of black women in Hollywood being relegated to roles of slaves and "the help" over and over again. I'm tired of films convincing themselves that they are taking on something fresh and new, the likes of which the world has never seen, but in actuality adhering to tired tropes and stereotypes.

One example that comes to mind is Avatar, a "groundbreaking" film about aliens and humanity, which, underneath it all, is the same old White Savior story. But more recently is Lucy, the film starring Scarlett Johansson in which a woman named Lucy evolves and is able to use 100 percent of her brain's capacity after she unwittingly ingests a massive amount of drugs.

Lucy is about what humankind could be -- it's about possibilities. As Lucy's brainpower grows stronger and the volume of knowledge she is able to access increases, she delivers monologues about how little humans understand about death, existence, and the universe, mediating on time and history. The film likes to think of itself as reimagining everything that we think we know about humanity, and presents to us their vision of what the most evolved woman on earth looks like:

A blonde white woman.

See, I just can't get right with that.

You see, I was an anthropology major in high school and by the time I was 16 I'd learned all about Lucy (Australopithecus), the collection of bones found in Hadar and thought to have lived 3.2 million years ago, one of the oldest hominids we know of. Lucy the film doesn't try to hide how cute they thought they were being by naming the supreme evolved being in their film "Lucy" -- they show an ape-like creature crouched by a stream to illustrate just how far human beings have come, and say as much in the opening lines, depicting vast cities built up to show our progress. The original Lucy was not really an ape, though. She had small skull capacity like apes, but her skeleton shows she was bipedal and walked upright like humans. Hadar, by the way, is in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia.

So I guess what's sticking in my craw is the assertion that while human life originated in Africa -- a detail the film neatly skims over, placing the ape-like Lucy that Johansson sees in North America -- somehow the way we imagine the most evolved human being is blonde and white. Even more, when Lucy gets surges of knowledge in the film, her eyes flash brightly blue. Because blue eyes, we all know, are the universal symbol of superiority, right?

How is it that in a film whose premise rests on the idea of reimagining the past, present and future, we still end up with a blonde white woman with flashing blue eyes as the stand-in for what personifies evolution and supremely fulfilled human potential? At one point the Ape-like Lucy and Evolved Lucy meet face-to-face as Evolved Lucy does a bit of time-traveling. Their fingers touch, and we see them deliberately posed to mimic the famous Creation of Adam painting, and in that moment I saw what I suppose we were supposed to see: humanity at its beginning, and then humanity at its end, at its most perfect. Blonde, white and blue-eyed.

I can't accept that. I can't accept that there was only one black woman in the entire film, who delivered one line and who we never saw again. I can't accept that the bad guys were Asian and that although in China, Lucy's roommate says, "I mean, who speaks Chinese? I don't speak Chinese!" I can't accept that in Hercules, which I also saw this weekend, there were no people of color except for Dwayne Johnson himself and his mixed-race wife, whose skin was almost alabaster.

I can't accept that she got maybe two lines and was then murdered. I can't accept that the "primitive tribe" in Hercules consisted of dark-haired men painted heavily, blackish green, to give their skin (head-to-toe) a darker appearance, so the audience could easily differentiate between good and bad guys by the white vs. dark skin. I can't accept that during the previews, Exodus: Gods and Kings;

a story about Moses leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, where not a single person of color is represented, casts Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton to play Egyptians. I can't accept that in the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which takes place in London, features a cast of white boys and not a single person of Indian descent, which make up the largest non-white ethnic group in London. I can't accept that in stories about the end of the world and the apocalypse, that somehow only white people survive. I can't accept that while my daily life is filled with black and brown women, they are completely absent, erased, when I look at a TV or movie screen.

I can't accept that. And I can't accept that when we think about the potential of humankind and what our brains are capable of doing and thinking and feeling, that people of color would be absent from that imagining. I can't accept that. And I won't. I'm tired of seeing people that look like me crowding screens both big and small: I am not what the world looks like. Hollywood, stop whitewashing characters. Give us more films like this year's Annie. I'm no Lucy -- like everyone else I'm only using a tiny amount of my brain's capacity. But you don't need to be a superhuman logic-machine to see that Hollywood has a major problem with depicting people of color, and it's time to actually reimagine what the world can and should be.


Chris Brown Mocks Kevin Gates For Eating Booty…

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Stephen A. Smith suspended one week by ESPN….

It took ESPN a few days, but finally, they suspended Stephen A. Smith, the bombastic TV talking head whose idiotic remarks about domestic violence last week on First Take went viral.
The network just released this statement: “Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week. He will return to ESPN next Wednesday.”
It’s unclear what took the network so long – perhaps they found his apology hollow and self serving? – to react, but it might have dawned upon them that many others at the network have been suspended for much, much less.

Is There Tension Between ESPN Shows First Take and Numbers Never Lie?

Image (1) Stephen-A-Smith-Skip-Bayless.jpg for post 217490
First Take and Numbers Never Lie, two debate-heavy ESPN TV shows, air live, back-to-back, twice a week. The format for both shows is similar, although topics obviously vary. First Take  features media veterans Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith – a pair prone to shouting – while the latter skews younger, with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith.
Numbers Never Lie has had many incarnations over the years, but a few months ago, it settled on a format: Smith (a former Boston Globe reporter who has been with the show since its inception) and Hill, who is also a columnist on ESPN.com. Recently, the show hit a milestone: Numbers Never Lie became the No. 2 rated show on ESPN2 on Mondays and Tuesdays. The rest of the week, it’s slightly below Mike & Mike (numbers below).
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill - January 11, 2013
Something to get excited about, right?
You’d think that. Instead, multiple sources tell me that there is an underlying tension between the shows – almost a big brother/little brother situation.
Yes, Smith and Hill are friendly with Bayless and Smith. Stephen A. Smith was on their podcastlast week. On the surface, the quartet (eh, you can toss in FT host Cari Champion, too) get along. But sources connected to both shows say that the reaction to the sudden rise of NNL has been one of, “yeah, well, that’s because you have the First Take lead-in.”
To which NNL replies, “yeah, well you have the Mike & Mike lead-in.”
Television squabbles are the best, aren’t they?
If you’re scoring at home, the First Take averaged a .30 in October (350k viewers). Just looking at Monday and Tuesday ratings for Numbers Never Lie over the last month, the show is getting a .24 (273k viewers). Over the same time period, Mike & Mike is getting a .20 (235k viewers).
According to internal ESPN metrics, 2/3 of viewers who watch First Take on Monday and Tuesday stick around for NNL. The creator of both shows, Jamie Horowitz, has tried to develop a family atmosphere between the shows, implementing a “live throw” from one show to the next in hopes of retaining viewers.
Which has led to the next issue: Horowitz has spent most of his time recently working with Keith Olbermann’s new show in New York. On the rare day he’s in Bristol, sources say there’s a mini tug-of-war between the shows for his time. NNL wants his time in hopes of catching First Take; First Take wants his ear to hold off little brother who is growing quicker than imagined.
These aren’t necessarily bad problems to have if you’re ESPN. It won’t be long – Fall of 2014? – before Fox Sports 1 is rolling out daytime TV options to challenge ESPN. Will NBC Sports Network and CBS Sports Network be far behind?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Inside the crumbling marriage of Jay Z and Beyonce….


They are one of the most famous couples on earth, yet intensely private — rarely allowing a glimpse of anything but the picture of a marriage and partnership that is constantly, blissfully happy.

But a source who has been close to Beyonc and Jay Z for years tells The Post that all is not well — and hasn’t been for quite some time.

Continue reading---Souce: NYPost

Dj Star gets chased off the block…He looked so shook runs in the middle of the street….

Video inside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqgFpi2AEgM

Nigga was about to pee himself...

"Dont get hit by no car nigga" > Dj Star gets chased off the block... Nigga looked so shook runs in the middle of the street. - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Man Sells Gun, Then Is Killed With It…

An Arizona teenager who illegally sold a gun to a man barred from owning firearms ended up getting shot dead with it during what police believe was an argument over another gun. Police say Tyrone Moore, 24, killed 18-year-old Elijah Williams in Glendale with a gun he had recently bought from the teen for $150, the Arizona Republic reports. Moore was prohibited from owning weapons because he is on parole in California.

Investigators believe that Williams and another 18-year-old, Moore's cousin Hailes Cole, were arguing about a gun stolen in a burglary when Williams pulled a gun and shot and injured Cole before being fatally shot by Moore. Moore has been charged with misconduct involving weapons, and police say more charges are pending, Your West Valley reports.


Ive worked at McDonalds for 10 years and still make $7.35 an hour….

As fast-food workers, we prepare burgers and fries, not balance sheets. We struggle to survive from paycheck to paycheck, without million-dollar annual bonuses or second homes. We often work behind the scenesor counters, getting little of the credit for billions of dollars in company profits.

And yet, fast-food workers dont just have the attention of the industrywe have it terrified.

In the past year and a half, our protests over poverty wages and the right to form a union, without retaliation have spread like wildfire. The first strike, just a year and a half ago, involved a few hundred workers in one city. Five strikes later, the one in May took place in more than 150 US cities, with additional protests in 33 countries. And this weekend, I am traveling from South Carolina to Chicago with more than 1,000 workers for our first-ever nationwide convention, where well discuss how to escalate our fight for $15 an hour and a union.

McDonalds recently warned investors in its annual report filed with the Securities Exchange Commission of the potential material impact on results from boycotts or protests, labor strikes and supply chain interruptions. The company also warned that pressure for higher wages may intensify with increasing public focus on matters of income inequality.

How have seemingly powerless people like me mounted a serious challenge to some of the richest companies in the world? Here are the five key ingredients:

Have truth on your side. We make a median wage of $8.94, with an average of only 24 hours a week. Many, including me, making much less. Fast food CEOs, meanwhile, are living large. They earned an average of $26.7 million in 2012, making for CEO to worker pay gap of 1,200 to one, the highest, by far, of any industry. They could afford to pay a living wage.

The industry has no way to refute these facts. McDonalds implies that it shouldnt have to pay a living wage because McDonalds represents a first job and a pathway to a long-term career. In reality, half of the industrys workers are over 28 years old. At most, 2% of the jobs are in management, and many of those barely pay more than minimum wage.

Raising wages isnt just good for workers and families; its critical to kick-starting our economy and boosting bottom lines. When workers like me dont have enough to afford basic necessities, we all suffer. More than half of fast-food workers are on public assistance, costing taxpayers $7 billion a year. Just look at whats happened this year. All 13 states that raised their minimum wage in 2014 have had stronger employment growth than the 37 states that didnt, according to a recent report. Retailers like the Gap who raised wages say they are already seeing benefits, too.

Spur local change. After six strikes, fast-food workers have helped get the whole nation talking about the need to raise poverty wages. What many initially laughed at our call for $15 an houris today the benchmark for cities and states around the country. Seattle passed a $15 minimum wage and cities from San Francisco to Chicago to Los Angeles are increasingly adopting our rallying cry.

Weve also organized to raise the issue of wage theft. A study released in April found that 89% of fast-food workers have been forced to do off-the-books work, been denied breaks, or been cheated out of overtime pay. Fast-food workers in three states have filed class-action lawsuits over wage theft, and New York State has already reached settlements with several companies over the issue, including McDonalds and Dominos.

Go global. The spread of our movement overseas spells trouble for fast-food giants. In May, there were protests or strikes in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan and dozens of other countries. There were even flash mobs at five McDonalds in the Philippines. As one expert recently put it, if the worker movement prompts this much concern in the US where sales are slumping, imagine the level of alert once it reaches countries that are key drivers of fast-food corporations growth.

Show them whos boss. No, not what you think. We dont want to be the boss. We want McDonalds and other fast-food companies to acknowledge that they are bosses. But since they keep saying that franchisees are in charge, and that they have no responsibility for workers, weve filed federal charges arguing that theres no doubt who the boss is. According to multiple news reports, the National Labor Relations Boards general council is about to issue a complaint saying that McDonalds is indeed an employer. Maybe then they will will stop blaming our poor treatment on franchisees and pay us a wage we can live on.

Take risks. Weve learned our history from the civil rights movement and other Americans who stood up for what is right, at great personal risk. Weve put our jobs on the line to strike. At the McDonalds shareholders meeting in May, more than a hundred of us were arresteda major escalation in our campaign.

But still, fast-food companies refuse to listen. Thats why in Chicago this weekend, workers from every corner of the country are pledging to do whatever it takes for $15 and a union, including getting arrested.

Ive worked at McDonalds for 10 years and still make $7.35 an houronly pennies above the federal minimum wage. My four girls deserve better. I deserve better. McDonalds and the other fast-food companies are going to learn that when you arent paid enough to survive, youre willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, until you are treated fairly.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beyonce Gave Jay Z Ultimatum Or Else Divorce….

Beyonce Jay-Z Drunk Love video
Beyonce may have had enough of Jay Z’s cheating because according to reports she is inches away from serving him divorce papers.
The power couple has been rocked with mounting rumors of divorce and infidelity over the last few months.

Folks have even linked the infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange to some alleged cheating on the part of the rap mogul.
According to In Touch magazine, Beyonce came close to pulling the plug due to a recent encounter between Jay Z and another woman.
“She’s heard all the rumors about Jay fooling around, and she can’t take it anymore. The romance is over,” the magazine claims. “He was toasting champagne with the crew and friends and some women who were brought back stage. Beyonce seethed when she saw a busty blonde nuzzling into Jay’s chest and him whispering something into her ear.”
“She and Jay have always had huge blow-ups where he leaves furious,” the magazine reported. “They fight about everything, but cheating and jealousy have always ben the big issues. Their relationship is volatile.”
Most of the rumors of volatility in their marriage stemmed from a performance by Beyonce last month on their joint On The Run Tour where she tweaked some of the lyrics on her decade old single “Resentment.”
Beyonce JayZ holding hands
Beyonce tried to quell some of the rumors by posting a photo on Instagram of herself and Jay Z on stage holding hands with the caption.
“‘On the Run’ is an epic show because beyonce and Jay Z really have no equals.”
“As individuals, they’re impressive. But together, they’re unstoppable.”
Beyonce and Jay Z are also reportedly seeking marriage counseling while touring to save their marriage.