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Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Police and Politicians Don't Go Prison? Proof That The System Hates Kartel and Why He Should Be Free….

Why Kern Spencer Never Found Guilty Fi Thief The Light Bulb Money?
What Happen To The Pregnant Lady Dat The Police Man Killed ?
What Happen To The 7 People Adams Killed In Portmore ?
What Happen To JDF Weh Kill Ova 100 People In Tivoli Gardens ?
What Happen To Roger Clarke Weh Run Ova The Biker Man Killing Him After Him Allegedly Lef Bar Drunk?
What Happen To Dah Likkle KC Yute In The Taxi Weh Di X5 Killed ?
What Happen To The Yute Weh Di Police Boi Dem Kill A Mountain View ?
What Happen To The 16 Yrs Old Girl Weh Di Police DeM Kill In The Car ?
What Happen To The Politician Weh Rape The Girl ?
Here are some of the politicians and business men who either got away with the crime or we heard nothing about it after.

Kern Spencer light bulb.

Roger Clarke allegedly hit a biker who died later on.

Business man Patrick Powell for shooting a taxi in rage resulting in the death of teen boy.
Reasons Why Vybez Kartel Should Not Have Been Found Guilty In The First Place!
A) No dead body found
B) DNA of blood of blood stain found on the alleged crime scene negative
c) Crime scene left unsecured and burnt down in police custody
d) Police's original notes missing
e) Star witness's original statements missing
f) Disc 1 prepared by Digicel showing all cellphone records missing.Prosecution only brought Disc 2 that can be tampered with and modified
g) Kartel's blackberry used more than 5 times in police custody.In fact the "chop,chop him up.ah mince dat" was sent 3 hours after his arrest
h) The video of the alleged murder shows no faces and has people saying 2 to 3 words.It was shot at 10:43 pm but murder is said to have been committed around 7pm
I) Court was shown a photo of Kartel in hospital at 7:08 pm


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