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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Memphis couple found dead after wife posts fight video on Facebook…

Video inside YouTube

MEMPHIS, TN - Family members have confirmed the victims are 26-year-old James Alexander and 23-year-old Danielle Alexander.

The couple has four children ranging in ages from 7, 5, 4 and 3. They had known each other since junior high school and then were married in February of this year.

Family member say they were a loving couple.

But family members did say that the deaths may have been part of a retaliation that involved Mrs. Alexander a couple of weeks ago.

This video was posted by Danielle on her Facebook page. Someone asked if she was the one fighting she said, "Yes cuz in the pink shirt." This is the same video that the victims mother showed to FOX13 (FOX13 removed the expletives from this video).

In it her husband, Mr. Alexander can be seen trying to break it up. He is the one in the blue shirt according to Danielles mother.

Also FOX13 was told by several sources that they were awakened by 6am by their dogs barking and they saw at least one suspect run from the back of the house.

At this time all 4 children are in Memphis Police custody.

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