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Saturday, March 15, 2014

So Diddy was throwing shots at Jay-Z on "Nobody"

Video inside YouTube

[Interlude: Diddy]
You fukkin' wanna walk around with these nikkas?
What the fukk is their culture?

Where the fukk is their souls at?
What defines you?
These nikkas with these fukkin' silly looks on their faces

You wanna walk around with them or you wanna walk with God, nikka?
Make up your goddamn mind

[Outro: Diddy]
fukk you wanna talk about?
fukkin' jewelries and Bentley's and Hublot's

And fukkin' art that nikkas ain't got on their fukkin' walls

And fukkin' mansions nikkas ain't got
nikkas can't even pay the IRS, let alone their fukkin' staff, nikka
You gotta tell the truth, man
The truth'll set you free, son
The truth will set you free

Diddy Spittin That Real......Settin This nikka Straight...Iono What Loss Is Greater....Those 92 Bricks Or His Damn Mind

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