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Monday, March 3, 2014

Man Sues McDonalds For $1.5 Million After Receiving Only One Napkin…

A California man is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million because he was given just one napkin with his meal.

According to TMZ, Webster Lucas is claiming that he is now unable to go to work thanks to the “undue mental anguish” and “emotional distress” he sustained by being deprived of napkins.

He reportedly filed the lawsuit after getting into an argument with the store manager at the Pacoima restaurant on January 29 of this year.

Lucas, who is African-American, believes he was racially discriminated against by the manager when he went up to the counter to ask for more.

The lawsuit claims that the employee, a Mexican-American man, mumbled something that sounded like “you people.”

Lucas also wrote a letter to the restaurant manager about the incident where he discusses being mentally scarred by the employee.

McDonald’s has yet to release any reports or statements regarding the case.


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