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Monday, March 3, 2014

Man Blows His Brains Out While Showing Girlfriend Guns Are Safe…

A 36 year old Michigan man blew his brains out, while attempting to show his girlfriend how safe it is to have firearms in the house. The man, who owned at least three handguns, was demonstrating gun safety, by holding each of the firearms up to his own head, then pulling the trigger. According to his girlfriend, the first two times he performed this action, everything went smoothly. On his third attempt, however, the gun fired, ending the gun safety lesson and the mans life, in the blink of an eye.

Its bad, but it could have been worse.
The woman told police that her boyfriend had been drinking most of the day, prior to shooting himself in the head.

There were three children present in the home at the time, ages 7, 10 and 12. According to the Detroit Free Press, the children did not witness the shooting. The shooting occurred in Independence Township, which is located in Oakland County, MI.

The unidentified mans girlfriend will certainly be traumatized by this event for a long time. However, she had three children in the home. The fact of the matter is that any one of her children could have been killed with the gun, instead of her boyfriend. According to her statements, her boyfriend didnt believe the gun was loaded, when he held it to his own head, then pulled the trigger.

Instead of killing himself during his gun safety demonstration, he could have left the gun out for a child to get a hold of. It happens every day, somewhere in America. It happened in Tennessee when a three year old shot and killed himself. It happened in North Carolina, when a three year old shot his baby sister. It happened in Wisconsin when a 6 year old shot his 4 year old sister in the head. And for each of those stories there are hundreds more just like them.

Instead of grieving over the loss of her boyfriend, this woman could have joined the ranks of thousands of parents across this country, who are grieving for a child.

This is why gun safety training should be mandatory.
This failed gun safety lesson illustrates the need for mandatory gun safety training. Responsible gun owners should know that you dont handle a gun when youre intoxicated. They should absolutely know that you never point a gun at anyone, including yourself. They should know that you never pull the trigger of a gun, unless you intend to fire it. Those are things you learn in mandatory gun safety trainings, not the kind given by some drunk guy who thinks hes got it down.

But the NRA consistently lobbies against sane gun control and the politicians beholden to them, consistently do their bidding. They support giving guns to anyone, whether or not the understand the importance of gun safety. They fight to keep guns in the hands of criminals, the mentally ill and everyone in between. Yet an overwhelming majority of NRA members actually support sane gun legislation, including mandatory gun safety lessons and criminal background checks for offenders. So why do sane people still belong to this organization?

A gun can end a life in a split second. Theres no take backs. You dont get the chance to regret your bad decisions. How many more people have to die because of lax gun regulations in the United States? In Michigan, for example, the state where this shooting took place, there used to be a gun safety questionnaire. The GOP/tea party legislature eliminated even that small requirement in 2011.

The NRAs lobbying, designed to make sure that no-one can be excluded from gun ownership has nothing to do with protecting anyones rights. It has everything to do with protecting the profits of gun manufacturers. Its time for sane gun legislation at the federal level.

Gun safety lesson ends with man accidentally shooting self in head

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