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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Damon Dash shows up late for trial, harasses reporters and shouts at judge….

The former head of Roc-A-Fella Records is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, who says he had her falsely arrested in 2009 during the custody battle over their son.

Video inside Damon Dash rants at the media following court case - YouTube

Damon Dash shows up late for trial, harasses reporters and shouts at judge 

Damon Dashs manners appear to be going the way of his fortune.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records head showed up over an hour late for the start of a trial in a $1 million civil case against him in Manhattan Supreme Court and then started bothering two female newspaper reporters sitting in the audience and got into a shouting match with the elderly judge.

He then capped off his spectacular meltdown by waiting outside the courthouse for the reporters with his three aides. Dash then followed them down the street, videotaping the reporters as he screamed, racists! and other taunts, his voice bouncing off the buildings, causing passers-by to stop and stare.

I'm going to make you famous, he menaced.

Dash, 43, is getting sued by his ex-girlfriend Linda Williams, who claims he had her falsely arrested on trumped-up charges back in 2009.

In the morning, before the trial started at 71 Thomas St., an angry Dash started chewing out a Daily News reporter, calling her a racist.

He then began videotaping her with his phone in the courthouse, which is against state regulations. Court officers then ordered him to erase the tape.

When the trial began in the afternoon before six jurors in Justice Louis Yorks courtroom, Dash, who once boasted that he was worth $50 million, was nowhere to be found.

His ex was the first witness to be called, and she tearfully recounted being arrested in July 2009, thanks to what she said were Dashs made-up claims.

The pair had a long, nasty custody battle over their son, Damon Dash II.
Williams, 49, testified that Dash virtually imprisoned his son in his apartment for days while she was out of town.

After she attempted to have him served with a court order to keep away from the boy, he then concocted a claim that shed violated an order to stay away from him to divert trouble from himself.

Dash told police Williams had sent her 10 emails between June and July 15 of 2009, calling him a bad father and making fun of his well-publicized money problems.

Williams said she was arrested in front of their 17-year-old son and wound up spending 14 hours in custody.

It was like a nightmare, she cried.
The charges were eventually tossed after Dash failed to turn over the alleged emails to investigators.

Dash arrived in the middle of Williams testimony, decked out in white sneakers, a plaid shirt and drooping jeans that kept exposing his gray underwear.

He initially tried to sit next to his lawyer, but was waved back to the audience by a court officer. As soon as he sat down, he started muttering about racists and kept glaring back at the reporter from the News and another member of the media.

After the court officer told him to quiet down, he then moved to the back of the courtroom, where he started peering at one of the reporters computers, and talking to one of his aides.

After the judge excused the jury at the end of the day, he told Dash who was again glaring at one of the reporters to knock it off.
Leave that woman alone! the judge barked.

I can't look? Nothing wrong with looking, Dash shot back. York, 75, again barked at him to Stop. Just stop. Ok I wont put my eyeballs on her, Dash said.

The judge then told Dash his antics werent going to help him with the jury.
I want to talk to these racist reporters, Dash protested.

He and his aides then left the courtroom and were waiting for the reporters when they got outside. Dash followed the women, screaming, hollering and videotaping, for close to three blocks.

The trial is expected to resume Friday morning with the rest of Williams testimony.
In his opening statement, Dashs lawyer John Fazio said jurors should cut his client a break because it was the police, not Mr. Dash, who handcuffed her. The police are not our errand boy.

Williams lawyer, Robert Erlanger, said it was Dash who went to the police to make a complaint even though he did not have reasonable grounds to have her arrested.

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