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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bounty Killer: “Kartel Let Him Soul Get Caught In Hell” [VIDEO]

Bounty Killer is among a handful of dancehall stars sounding off on the recent conviction of Vybz Kartel.
Bounty Killer was performing at the recent Mountain View Jamboree stage show when he paused to address the Vybz Kartel issue.

According to the dancehall legend, Vybz Kartel’s conviction is the most tragic thing going on in dancehall currently.
“You help destroy your own sometimes,” Bounty Killer told the crowd. “One of the worst things reaching dancehall today is the verdict that passed downtown. One of the most promising rising champion today in dancehall Adidja Palmer, aka Vybz Kartel, is in prison convicted for murder. This is the most tragic thing going on in dancehall. A me did find Kartel as a little youth and say come my youth.”
Bounty Killer sais Kartel seek the devil when he should have been seeking god and that is the reason for his predicament.
“The part where you play of helping destroy him is the moment he said “daddy devil, a me a Baphomet big son” and you guys happy and laugh with him,” Bounty Killer said. “The devil does not do anything beautiful… Kartel make him soul get caught in hell… I wish Kartel all the best and I hope you put in all the prayers you can.”
Bounty Killer then dedicated his classic single “The Lord is my Light and Salvation” to Vybz Kartel.
Watch the video below.

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