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Monday, March 3, 2014

23 Yr Old Woman Says She Embraces Her Facial Hair…

Harnaam Kaur is a victim of bullying. At the young age of 23 she has considered suicide multiple times due to this bullying. Kaur suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome which causes thick hair to grow on the face, chest, and sometimes the back. Sometimes it is not as pronounced but other times it is facial hair that presents much like a mans facial hair would. Kaur has now decided to embrace her condition instead of running from it. She has grown a full beard.

Kaur is a teaching assistant and says that she feels confident in the way that she looks. She says that God has made her this way and so she is going to embrace that. She began growing thick hair when she was just 11 years old and was teased mercilessly for it. She was even receiving online death threats from other students at her school. She was given nicknames such as beardo, *******, and sheman. She considered suicide many times and also began to harm herself.

At 16 years old she decided to be baptized and lives as a Sikh. Her parents were against it and said that she was never going to be able to get married or have a normal life because the Sikh religion forbids the removal of body hair. She didnt care, she wanted to be happy and knew that this was the way that she was going to do that. She was done locking herself in her room and hiding away from everyone.

Kaurs brother has been her biggest supporter through the years. She shaved the beard off when she was 17 after she was being pressured by extended family but he told her that she shouldnt have because she looked beautiful with the beard. She says that people still stare and talk about her but she doesnt care anymore. She knows that it must be confusing for people when they see that she has a beard and bre@sts.

She is still receiving death threats but continues to post Youtube videos of her journey. She wants to spread awareness and let women know that it is okay to look different; it doesnt mean that you are any less beautiful than someone else.

This 23 Yr Old Woman Says She Embraces Her Facial Hair | Healthy Black Woman

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