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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rick Ross Disses Kenan Thompson for Teletubbies Skit…

Recently, Kenan Thompson made a skit to the world on SNL about Rick Ross. He brought up the fact that Rick Ross used to be a correctional officer and not the drug dealing rapper he say he is. Then Kenan talked about play as skit where he acted as a Rick Ross red Teletubbie. Check out the skit below.

2:43 is the rick ross skit

Video inside YouTube

Well rumors have it that Rick Ross MMG wasn't too happy about that. His MMG twitter went on IG and dissed Kenan but erased it quickly. However, we still found tweet of someone retweeting it.
- See more at: Rick Ross Disses Kenan Thompson For His Teletubbies Skit

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