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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bow Wow Fired from 106 & Park for Using Company Card to Pay Child Support…

New York He want people to start calling him Bow Wow, but still acting like he got the Lil in front of his name Says one 106 & Park executive who witnessed Bow Wow being escorted off of the B.E.T. property. Bow Wow real name Shad Moss was fired from 106 & Park just hours ago after an accountant discovered he used company funds to pay for his monthly child support to baby mother Joie Chavis. I dont care what video vixen he decided to skeet in, B.E.T. money, is B.E.T.s money Said Roger Payme a senior accountant speaking on how Bow wow charged over $30,000 in child support to a company card he was issued for wardrobe and travel. Im driving a used Honda and his daughter got a toy Bentley for Christmas, aint that a b1tch? B.E.T. plans to air reruns until they find a suitable replacement, but expects no slip in ratings since nobody really watches 106 & Park since AJ & Free left anyway.

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