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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mike Tomlin Interferes With Kick Off Return [GIF] (pics)


Maybe not intentional, but Mike Tomlin certainly didn't mind being in Jacoby Jones' way.

Jacoby Jones answered a touchdown by Emmanuel Sanders with a huge 73-yard kickoff return. He busted through a huge hole, and all of a sudden there was nobody between him and the end zone besides... Mike Tomlin?

That's Tomlin, apparently watching the play unfold on the Jumbotron -- hey, I wouldn't want to look directly at the Steelers playing football either, but I'm not their coach -- but the whole scenario seems a little bit strange.

Tomlin is literally as far out onto the field as a coach is allowed to be -- in fact, he kinda has a foot on the field, directly in Jones' way. It's clear that Jones kinda cuts back into the field of play as he approaches Tomlin -- he also kinda swipes his arm at Tomlin -- which didn't necessarily lead to Cortez Allen catching him from behind, but it certainly didn't hurt.

It seems unlikely that Tomlin would premeditate a scenario where he stood on the edge of the sidelines to interfere with a potential Ravens TD touchdown... but he does look DIRECTLY at Jones out of the corner of his eye, and doesn't make an attempt to get out of the way until the last moment. If the refs had ruled he interfered, they could've awarded the Ravens anything, including a TD.

so tomlin isnt even allowed to stand in the 6 foot white area...

he was laughing after the play happened

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