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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Man sues ex-girlfriend for $1 million after she blogged about his 'micro-penis'

John Wender of New York has decided to sue his ex-girlfriend after she claimed that he had a “micro-penis” in an online rant. According to the lawsuit, Wender is suing Louise Silberling, editor at Cornell University, for $1.25 million.

Wender, 53, and Siberling only went out on three dates after meeting on an online dating site two years ago. However, their courtship went sour fast and Siberling wanted to make sure that other women would not make the mistake of dating Wender.

Siberling created an online blog called truthaboutjouhnwender.wordpress.com that featured several scathing articles and poems about Wender. She suggested that he had a “micro-penis,” was infected with an STD and was turned on by auto-erotic asphyxia.

Siberling wrote, “John Wender is a pathetic little gnome. He smells foul, he’s got herpes and he has the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. A pity by definition, his pubic hairs are white like Santa Claus. He gave my friend herpes and more. Good catch ladies!”

Wender sued Siberling and says that her blog has affected his life and caused his kids embarrassment. He believes Siberling is a maniac and is suing for defamation.

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