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Saturday, November 30, 2013

'Fast & Furious' star Paul Walker dies in car accident….

Paul Walker, a star of the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise, died Saturday after a car crash, according to his official Facebook page and verified Twitter account. He was 40.Paul Walker, a star of the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise, died Saturday after a car crash, according to his official Facebook page and verified Twitter account. He was 40.
Actor Paul Walker dies
  • Walker was passenger in friend's car; both died, actor's Facebook page says
  • Walker, 40, has starred with Vin Diesel in action movie franchise
  • Seventh "Fast & Furious" movie due next year
  • Walker also stars in upcoming independent film "Hours"
(CNN) -- Actor Paul Walker, a star of the "Fast & Furious" movie franchise, died Saturday in a car accident, his publicist said.
"Sadly, I must confirm that Paul did pass away this afternoon in a car accident," publicist Ame van Iden confirmed to CNN Entertainment. She said she could not elaborate beyond statements posted on Walker's official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
A post on Walker's Facebook page said, "It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend's car, in which both lost their lives."
The website for the charity indicated there was an event in Southern California on Saturday to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
Along with Vin Diesel, the 40-year-old Walker has been one of the stalwarts of the "Fast & Furious" movie series, characterized by its racing scenes and attractive cast.
The box-office success of the first film in 2001 fueled sequels. The series' sixth installment came out earlier this year, topping the Memorial Day weekend box office.
A seventh film is scheduled for release in 2014.
On his verified Twitter account, Walker described himself as "outdoorsman, ocean addict, adrenaline junkie ... and I do some acting on the side."
Walker also is the star of "Hours," an independent film scheduled to be released December 13 about a father struggling to keep his newborn infant alive in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Twitter and other social media exploded with reactions to Walker's death.
"Completely numb and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Paul Walker," wrote one posted "Wow."
Hollywood condolences came from Will Smith, Jack Osbourne, DMX and others.

"No, @RealPaulWalker. No. No. No," tweeted Alyssa Milano. "Rest with the angels. You. Sweet boy. #beauty #love #RIP."

The Bro Code….

> The Bro Code - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Henry Earl, Arrested More Than 1500 Times, In Jail Again….

> Henry Earl, Arrested More Than 1500 Times, In Jail Again - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

A man who's been arrested over 1,500 times will be spending yet another Thanksgiving behind bars.

Henry Earl, dubbed "World's Most Arrested Man" by The Smoking Gun, was arrested last month for public intoxication in Lexington, Ky. The 65-year-old has spent nearly 6,000 days -- nearly 16 and a half years -- in custody over the course of his life, almost entirely on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Earl's first arrest, which took place in 1970, was for carrying a concealed weapon.

Earl made national news in 2008 when Judge Gary Payne, noting that Earl was in court for his 1,000th public intoxication arrest, sentenced Earl to 1,000 days in jail "for your anniversary," WBKO reported.

Multiple media outlets also reported the arrest as Earl's 1,000th. However, The Smoking Gun called the sentence an error, stating that at the arrest in question was actually Earl's 1,333rd.

In any case, The Smoking Gun has put together a stellar graphic depicting some of the best of Earl's mugshots over the years.

Henry Earl, Arrested More Than 1500 Times, In Jail Again

Another Thanksgiving Fail….

> another bx dictionary submission - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!
> another bx dictionary submission - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Yoooo... looks like his turkey is...... lmao

Man sues ex-girlfriend for $1 million after she blogged about his 'micro-penis'

John Wender of New York has decided to sue his ex-girlfriend after she claimed that he had a “micro-penis” in an online rant. According to the lawsuit, Wender is suing Louise Silberling, editor at Cornell University, for $1.25 million.

Wender, 53, and Siberling only went out on three dates after meeting on an online dating site two years ago. However, their courtship went sour fast and Siberling wanted to make sure that other women would not make the mistake of dating Wender.

Siberling created an online blog called truthaboutjouhnwender.wordpress.com that featured several scathing articles and poems about Wender. She suggested that he had a “micro-penis,” was infected with an STD and was turned on by auto-erotic asphyxia.

Siberling wrote, “John Wender is a pathetic little gnome. He smells foul, he’s got herpes and he has the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. A pity by definition, his pubic hairs are white like Santa Claus. He gave my friend herpes and more. Good catch ladies!”

Wender sued Siberling and says that her blog has affected his life and caused his kids embarrassment. He believes Siberling is a maniac and is suing for defamation.

Rihanna got Soccer players breaking jaws to get to that Illuminati punany….

Video inside Campbell Brown 291113 - YouTube

AN attempt by Gold Coast Suns player Steven May to get Rihanna's autograph at a Los Angeles nightclub may have sparked the chain of events that led to May having his jaw allegedly broken by teammate Campbell Brown.

It's the latest bizarre twist in a story that has Brown's AFL career hanging by a thread as his club decides whether or not to to sack him.

Brown stands accused of punching May at an LA nightclub after the club's training trip to Arizona. May has a broken jaw and will go into hospital on Friday.

According to sources, Suns players were at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood when they were asked to leave because Rihanna and her entourage were arriving after the pop star's concert.

May was allegedly trying to force his way back in to get an autograph when an attempt was made to stop him by Hawthorn's Josh Gibson, who was also present.

It is understood that after May verbally abused Gibson, Brown stepped in and allegedly punched him.

Did Rihanna's appearance at an LA nightclub spark a chain of events that led to Campbell Brown (left) breaking the jaw of tea...
Did Rihanna's appearance at an LA nightclub spark a chain of events that led to Campbell Brown (left) breaking the jaw of teammate Steven May (right)? Source: Supplied
The Suns have refuted claims made on Thursday that the argument between the pair erupted over a restaurant bill.

Mike Tomlin Interferes With Kick Off Return [GIF] (pics)


Maybe not intentional, but Mike Tomlin certainly didn't mind being in Jacoby Jones' way.

Jacoby Jones answered a touchdown by Emmanuel Sanders with a huge 73-yard kickoff return. He busted through a huge hole, and all of a sudden there was nobody between him and the end zone besides... Mike Tomlin?

That's Tomlin, apparently watching the play unfold on the Jumbotron -- hey, I wouldn't want to look directly at the Steelers playing football either, but I'm not their coach -- but the whole scenario seems a little bit strange.

Tomlin is literally as far out onto the field as a coach is allowed to be -- in fact, he kinda has a foot on the field, directly in Jones' way. It's clear that Jones kinda cuts back into the field of play as he approaches Tomlin -- he also kinda swipes his arm at Tomlin -- which didn't necessarily lead to Cortez Allen catching him from behind, but it certainly didn't hurt.

It seems unlikely that Tomlin would premeditate a scenario where he stood on the edge of the sidelines to interfere with a potential Ravens TD touchdown... but he does look DIRECTLY at Jones out of the corner of his eye, and doesn't make an attempt to get out of the way until the last moment. If the refs had ruled he interfered, they could've awarded the Ravens anything, including a TD.

so tomlin isnt even allowed to stand in the 6 foot white area...

he was laughing after the play happened

Sharkeisha fight victim speaks out, shares photos of her injuries….

The girl that was brutally beaten during a videotaped showdown by a teen named Sharkeisha is speaking out. KHOU Houston has identified the victim in the video as Shamichael Manuel, a 

17-year-old student at Cypress Creek High School, who was attacked by Sharkeisha over a boy.

Shamichael told KHOU that she thought she was headed to a friends place to pick up some of her belongings when Sharkeisha, 16, viciously punched and kicked her.

I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? Youre supposed to be my close friend, Manuel said.

We were talking in school earlier that day. She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her, she added.

Sharkeisha or Sharkeysha, the correct spelling is still unknown, has not been arrested nor suspended from school since the beating took place off school grounds.

Manuels mother however has filed a police report with the Harris County Sheriffs Office.

Sharkeisha fight victim speaks out, shares photos of her injuries - Rolling Out

LeBron's Thanksgiving Dinner….

> Pics from LeBron's & Kobe's respective Thanksgivinng dinners (pics) - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

ray allen & lewis posing like a couple. and birdman looks like he might have some of lebron's silverware in his pocket > Pics from LeBron's & Kobe's respective Thanksgivinng dinners (pics) - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get The Curls, Get The Girls…


Lupe Fiasco Ends Show After Being Hit By Tomato In Salt Lake City…

Video inside Lupe Fiasco getting hit with a tomato in SLC! - YouTube

Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt a $24M Island for His Birthday…

For Brad Pitt's 50th birthday, fiancee Angelina Jolie is pulling out all the stops: the actress purchased Pitt a heart-shaped island, located 50 miles north of New York City.

The island, called Petra, also contains two houses that were designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a personal favorite of Pitt's.

"As soon as Angelina heard the island was on the market she arranged a viewing. She was really impressed," a source told the U.K.'s Mirror. "The house is perfect for romantic getaways or as a family retreat. It's very private. And Angelina knows the fact the island is in the shape of a heart will mean so much to him."

This isn't the first extravagant Frank Lloyd Wright-themed present Jolie has purchased for Pitt. In 2011, Jolie purchased a California waterfall and the land surrounding it for Pitt's birthday, so they could construct a home on it in homage to Fallingwater, Wright's most famous structure.

Petra is 11 acres, has a helicopter pad, and features a Wright-designed cottage built in 1950 and a main house that was built in 2008 based off Wright's plans. Jolie reportedly purchased it for approximately $24 million.

Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt a $24M Island for His Birthday: Report - The Moviefone Blog

African-American girl faces expulsion over 'natural hair'



An African-American teen says she faces expulsion because administrators at her private school want her to cut and shape her hair.

Vanessa VanDyke said she was given one week to decide to whether cut her hair or leave Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, a school she's been going to since the third grade.

But for now, she and her mother do not plan to change her hair because it is part of the 12-year-old's identity. But her natural hair style comes with a cost.

"It says that I'm unique," said VanDyke. "First of all, it's puffy and I like it that way. I know people will tease me about it because it's not straight. I don't fit in."

VanDyke said that first the teasing from other students, but now, school leaders seem to be singling her out for her appearance.

Faith Christian Academy has a dress code and rules against how students can wear their hair. The student handbook reads: "Hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction," and goes on to state examples that include, but are not limited to, mohawks, shaved designs and rat tails.

"A distraction to one person is not a distraction to another," said VanDyke's mother, Sabrina Kent. "You can have a kid come in with pimples on his face. Are you going to call that a distraction?"

VanDyke said she's had her large, natural hair all year long, but it only became an issue after the family complained about students teasing her about her hair.

"There have been bullies in the school," said Kent. "There have been people teasing her about her hair, and it seems to me that they're blaming her."

"I'm depressed about leaving my friends and people that I've known for a while, but I'd rather have that than the principals and administrators picking on me and saying that I should change my hair," said VanDyke.

"I'm going to fight for my daughter," Kent said. "If she wants her hair like that, she will keep her hair like that. There are people out there who may think that natural hair is not appropriate. She is beautiful the way she is."

School administrators responded to an email asking about the issue, but did not provide any answers to questions.

African-American girl faces expulsion over 'natural hair' | News - Home

So basically, other kids were teasing her about her hair, the parents complained, and the kid is blamed for having the hair as opposed to the ones teasing?


Smash Or Pass??? 6 in yo area??

Kanye West Went Berserk On Sway During Live Interview [VIDEO]

Kanye West is at it again and this time it was MTV personality Sway who was at the receiving end of his rant.
Sway Calloway was interviewing Kanye West this morning on SiriusXM’s Shade 45 Hip-Hop/R&B radio station when the G.O.O.D. Music rapper suddently went berserk on him.
During the interview Kanye West took a jab at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacob, and others while ranting that he is the greatest artists of his generation.
Sway then asked him why don’t he use his money and empower himself and not rely on other big name brands and that’s when Kanye West fuse blew.
“How, Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man!” Kanye shouted. “I’ve been doing this more than you.”
Listen the full interview here.
Sway managed to calm Kanye West down with a few expletives. But Kanye West refuse to get off the floor and continued his rant.

Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Star Witness Gave Shocking Testimony…

Vybz kartel shawn storm photo
Vybz Kartel was back before that judge yesterday to continue his second murder trial in the Home Circuit court.
On Tuesday the prosecution introduced their highly anticipated star witness, Lamar Chow.
Chow was the man who allegedly escape the beating then authorities say claimed the life of Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011.
Under question from lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor, Chow told the court about the incident leading up to the disappearance of his childhood friend Clive Williams.
Chow told the court that the whole ordeal was over a missing firearm. He said Vybz Kartel and the co-accused lower himself and Williams to the house on Swallowfield Avenue, Havendale, St. Andrew by assuring them that no harm would come to them.
Chow said Shawn “Storm” Campbell accompanied them in a taxi to the home where Vybz Kartel invited them inside and began questioning them about the missing firearm.
Chow said he and Williams told the men that they were planning to buy back the guns that went missing. However, despite their plea, he said Kahira Jones held on to Williams from behind and he ran into a backroom of the house but was cornered by Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm.
Chow told the court that the two entertainers brought him back into the living room where he noticed Clive Williams was laying on the ground motionless and Kahira Jones has a building block in his hand.
He said he was in fear of his life and managed to get away from the men and ran. The witness said Vybz Kartel was chasing him and was bitten by a dog that was in the yard.
By this time the jury was listening attentively to every detail of his testimony.
Lamar Chow said he then brought Vybz Kartel in a cab to the hospital before returning to the Waterford community in Portmore.
Chow said he was told by Shawn “Storm” Campbell that he should not tell anyone about what happened to Clive Williams. However, he said he told everyone who asked him the truth.
Williams body has never been found.
Charged along with Vybz Kartel are Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, AndrĂ© St John, and Shane Williams.
His testimony will continues in court today.

Sharkesha in jail & the girl she beat up committed suicide last night.... Still funny?!

Sharkesha in jail & the girl she beat up committed suicide last night.... Still funny?!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

VIDEO: M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again)

MIA YALA video
M.I.A. serves up the video for her single “Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again)” off her new album Matangi.
The video was directed by Daniel Sannwald. Be warned this video contain flashing of image so if your epileptic watch with caution.

Official music video for M.I.A. “Y.A.L.A. (You Always Live Again)” below.