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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Someone Tried To Sell The Air That Johnny Manziel Signed (Pic) #WTF #SMH


After all the talk of Johnny Manziel "signing" autographs during the Texas A&M-Rice game last week, an enterprising soul decided to cash in.

Part of the description read (h/t The Big Lead):

Unfortunately, and unknowingly, for the defender, air is public domain. As soon as Manziel autographed that air it became anyones to grab. ... Thats where I come in. I was at the game and watched this whole scenario unfold. I watched as the autographed air drifted in my direction. After fighting off several fans, I managed to take the autographed air into my mouthand hold it there until the game ended.

Someone is always trying to make a buck.

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