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Friday, April 26, 2013

Snoop Dogg Claims He Avoided Drug Charges By Smoking 'Bleezies' With LA Police Chief...

Rumors have been circulating that Snoop Dogg (er, Lion) held a 4/20 party in Los Angeles that was shut down by the police before the rapper even arrived.

But during a recent interview with New York station 92.3 NOW, Snoop took the opportunity to clear the air about what really happened at the Snoop Lion 420 Festival, held at a private residence but open to the buying public — with VIP Exclusive tickets going for $10,000 each.

“The police tried to shut the party down,” Snoop said. “Then once I got there, we had a conversation with the police and they allowed the party to continue, because it was a holiday. It was an national holiday: 4/20. We all had our license and everybody was legit and the police went on, by the way. We had a great time.”

It seems the real problem the police had with the party was not any sort of abuse or use of illegal substances, but simply overcrowding. Snoop recounted a tale as old as time: the one where you can’t get in because the place is already over capacity.

“My partner pulled him [the police chief] to the side,” Snoop said. “He was a great, great chief and he was willing to understand. [We said] ‘We just trying to party, chief. We could be doing a million other things. We [are] just trying to smoke and have a good time. You used to be like us, didn’t you, chief?’ And the chief was like, ‘You know what, slide me a couple of bleezies and I’ll let y’all have your party.’ So we did that.”

The rapper avoided any new drug charges on his record.

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