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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mavado Dissed By Former Friend Chippi “Money Change Dem” [VIDEO]

Dancehall deejay Chippi, who is based in the United States, has caught the attention of fans of Mavado after publicly calling out the Gully Gad.
Chippi, who claims to be a former friend of Mavado, drop a new track titled “If A Neva Money” where he took some subliminal shots at the “So Special” deejay.

Nuff a dem a talk say money no change dem
If a no di house a di range den
Ghetto youths fi rich but neva stray den
Mi an dem a par round 9 round 10
While addressing the single and his issues with Mavado, Chippi says he use to give Mavado lunch money when he was still in school.
“Ah me name him Singing Blacks after Singing Sweet, before Flexx name him Mavado, and look how him diss Flexx. Me and him no good. The last time when him diss Flexx during an interview and say him never know weh him deh,mi call him and say wah kinda ting dat, and him send me back a text ah try style me. Him fi know say ah me introduce him to Grants Pen, Mavado is a yute weh mi used to give lunch money ah Constant Spring All-Age and give him girls. Now him ah mek the money fly to him head.”
“Money change dem and the world need fi know that, big-up Savage and Flexx, dem a real yute.”
The J Crazy-produced single is features on several new mixtapes circulating in dancehall.
Mavado has not responded to the allegations.
Listen to the Chippi “If A Neva Money” below.

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