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Thursday, March 28, 2013

WTF: Minor League Baseball Team to Debut Urinal Video Games...

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania will become the first professional sports franchise to offer urine-controlled video games in its restrooms when the season starts in April

Video inside What is Captive Media? - YouTube

Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley IronPigs will debut the "Urinal Gaming System" in its men's bathroomsthe custom urinals feature a "pee controlled" video screen that will entertain fans as they use the restroom.

The system is designed by a British company called Captive Mediain a demo for the urinal, the company shows a snowboarding slalom game in which the character is controlled by where the player pees

"To turn left, pee left to turn right, pee right," the video says. At the end of the game (an average of about 55 seconds, according to the company's research), players will get a code to put their score on a leader board

The IronPigs' Coca-Cola stadium will be the first American sports venue to feature the games. According to Captive Media, office complexes in Knoxville, Tenn. and Dallas, Texas already have them. There are about a dozen companies in Europe that have them as well..

According to the team, the first game will be an alpine skiing game but will be rotated in and out during the season. In a statement, Kurt Landes, the IronPigs' general manager, said "these games are sure to make a huge splash."

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