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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weak 4 That Wood :Lisa Traylor-Wolff:Judge Accused Of Having Sex With Prison Inmate....

Judge Lisa Traylor-Wolff (pictured), 52, is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a 26-year-old prison inmate while in a visitation room at the Miami Correctional Facility, reports the International Business Times.

According to documents presented by the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications, Traylor-Wolff, who works part-time as a public defender, was having a physically intimate relationship with a 26-year-old client serving time on felony charges.
The [inmate] was eventually convicted and sentenced to the Department of Correction, the Supreme Court wrote in the statement. Traylor-Wolff continued representing the client on appeal The commission also alleges inappropriate conduct occurred when Traylor-Wolff and the client were in an attorney-client visitation room at the Miami Correctional Facility.

The commission also alleges that Traylor-Wolff, who is currently employed by Leeman Law Office, continued the sexual relationship throughout her clients appeal process.
The Indianapolis Star has more:
Only the five members of the Supreme Court can determine what, if any, allegations are true, the statement says.Traylor-Wolff did not ask to be re-certified as a senior judge in 2013, according to the statement. It says she faces three charges of violating the Code of Judicial Conduct: Judge Traylor-Wolff violated rules of professional conduct which prohibits a lawyer from having sexual relations with a client; which prohibit a lawyer from representing a client if there is a significant risk that the representation will be materially limited by a personal interest of the lawyer; and which requires a judge to promote confidence in the integrity of the judiciary and to avoid impropriety.

The commission also alleges Traylor-Wolff violated a section of the code of conduct which prohibits judges from engaging in activities that would appear to undermine the judges independence, integrity, or impartiality, the statement said.
Traylor-Wolff, who has not yet commented, formerly served as president of the Pulaski County Bar Association and remains a member. She has 20 days to respond to the allegations before a public hearing is scheduled.

The inmate has not been named.

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