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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joe Rogan Ethers American...

Applaud this man.

Going even deeper, the case must be made that the mental health problem in America is a drug epidemic in disguise; primarily, by way of over medication, as was the case with every shooter from Columbine to Sandy Hook. The systematic, excessive drugging and resulting symptomatic violence makes "security by tyranny" much easier, adding to the maladies in our country of apathy, lost or misunderstood identity, corruption, deception, fear, strife and ignorance: none of which can be treated or cured by anything or anyone but ourselves!

The worship of celebrities (like the Prez) over character and substantiality (virtues like honesty, rights like privacy and a free press,) points to an appalling reality in the majority today. The Republic is, for the most part, asleep in the water... but not dead. Not yet.

A world of responsibility lies on this generation of journalists and media: to mine and share truth; foment awareness, safety, compassion, and action; to teach--by example--how to think not what to think; and, perhaps most critically, impart understanding of freedoms' essentiality in society, culture and the economy.

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