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Saturday, December 22, 2012

106 Park's Own Bow Wow Seems To Have Been Lying About His Financial Status To Avoid Child Support...

Damn, Jermaine Dupri Robbed This Lil Nigga...:hah2:

Looks like Mr. Shad “Bow Wow” Moss has reportedly been lying about his financial situation to avoid paying child support; major foul play. Sources claim to know exactly how much Bow Wow makes hosting BET’s 106 and Park. A few months back Bow Wow claimed he only had $10,000 in his bank account and couldn’t afford paying his baby mother Joie Chavis $3500 a month. During the hearing, Bow Wow knew he was hired to be BET’s next 106 & Park host but failed to inform the court of his new source of income.


“Allegedly Bow Wow only makes $200,000 from 106 and Park and is booking parties for $3500.

The source went on to say that he is only on a 6 month contract and after that BET will give him notice on what will happen with his contract. Since BET will only keep 2 host after the 6 month period.”

Regardless of the situation, it’s apparent that Bow Wow is trying to jump through a few loop holes to avoid paying his baby mother $3500 a month for his baby girl, Shaie. Bow Wow claims he didn’t mention this in his court trail because his contract with BET was only a 6 month contract and the network would give him notice on what will happen when his contract came to an end.

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