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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joe Budden Kicks Fans Out Of Show For Tweeting How Empty It Was...

We’ve seen rappers like Lil Wayne and Kanye West give the boot to fans at concerts for getting out of pocket, and of course they were well within their right to do so in those instances. No one gets in front of a crowd to be pelted with foreign objects or disrespected, right? right.

However, in this case, a young woman by the name of Paige accompanied her boyfriend Kevin (who is was a Joe Budden fan) to this show in Oakland, only to be removed by security after she made jokes about the crowd being light and may even be in need of meds to stay awake through out the snooze fest.

Welp, apparently being the humble guy Joe Budden is, was searching his name on Twitter and came across the teasing. He then located the chick to have her escorted out the club, threatening to cancel the show if she didn’t leave. Her boyfriend and his homies weren’t happy with the forceful exodus and sought an explanation to no

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