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Monday, November 26, 2012

Chris Brown Blamed In Jenny Johnson Feud...

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Until yesterday I had no idea who Jenny Johnson was and after conducting some thorough research, I still have no idea who Jenny Johnson is. I did however find out that she is an alleged comedian; although I still have yet to see any evidence of this. With that said I saw some media reports yesterday in which Chris Brown was branded as “vulgar” among other names after responding to provoking tweets sent by Jenny Johnson. Johnson has got off totally free.
Now I’m sure many of you have seen Chris Brown’s tweets responding to Jenny Johnson but before you judge him I would like you to first have a look at the following screen picture. Jenny Johnson has been tweeting hate tweets to Chris Brown on Twitter for the last year and a half. Despite the fact that she does not actually follow Chris Brown she has managed to repeatedly send disgusting tweets to his handle and somehow actually responds to his tweets. Following their Twitter feud yesterday, Chris Brown has since deactivated his account.
Tweets sent from her account include ’You suck dicks!!!!!’, ‘You are such a shitbag’, ‘SAGBOD (Suck a Giant Bag of Dicks)’ as well as tweets calling Brown a ‘stupid cunt’ and a ‘woman beater’ are just a selection of the no less than 38 tweets sent from her account since 2011 (not including the horde of tweets sent yesterday). You can see those tweets below. If this were any other celebrity other than Chris Brown, this would not be tolerated.
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Strangely enough, Johnson’s account gained 40,000+ new followers in the space of 24 hours yesterday and she has been actively using Chris Brown’s Twitter handle in tweets. These new followers certainly weren’t interested in her career before she engaged in the aforementioned media onslaught with Brown.
The media clearly has an agenda when Chris Brown is concerned and they simply skip over the prelude when it comes to reporting events regarding his name. This is becoming an alarming recurring theme. Today Johnson tweeted that she has been receiving death threats from “Chris Brown’s fans”. Well Jenny, Chris Brown has also been receiving death wishes/disturbing tweets from your fans and from others, so why hasn’t this been reported? (see below).

If you are currently reading this and you are elated that Chris Brown has been receiving death threats simply because he made a mistake as a teenager or even if you support the horde of disgusting tweets fired his way by Jenny Johnson then you are nothing short of vile. To the media outlets that reported this story and spun it in light of Jenny Johnson without any mention of the build up to the story, read this post and do better. I
To Jenny Johnson, it says in your Twitter page that you are a writer and a wife so how about you start acting your age and focus on your own life? You’re a female that actively uses the word ‘cunt’ and who tells people to ‘suck dicks’ and yet you seek respect when being responded to? No. Life doesn’t work like that. Enjoy the 40,000 extra followers for all it’s worth in the real world.

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