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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Woman Says Actor Clifton Powell Raped Her...

NEW ORLEANS (CN) - As he raped her in his hotel room, actor Clifton Powell insisted that a woman call him "Monique," the alleged victim claims in Federal Court.
     Click here to read Courthouse News' Entertainment Law Digest.     Suing under the pseudonym Kiyante Myers, the woman says she was 24 when Powell raped her on Aug. 29, 2011.
     "Defendant Powell is a professional actor that has participated in several movies during his career," the complaint states.
     According to the complaint: "On August 28, 2011, at approximately 10:00 p.m., defendant Powell came into Harrah's Casino, where the plaintiff is employed as a cocktail waitress. The plaintiff and defendant have known one another for approximately two years.
     "After a brief encounter, defendant Powell asked when she would be getting off from work and if she would like to go out afterward.
     "Plaintiff agreed to defendant Powell's request and after getting off from work around midnight, plaintiff met defendant Powell outside of the casino and together went to the W Hotel Bar for drinks.
     "After the drinks at The W Hotel, both plaintiff and defendant went to The International House Hotel at 221 Camp Street, where defendant Powell was a registered guest.
     "After she entered his hotel room, defendant Powell asked plaintiff to take her pants off so that he could perform oral sex, which led to a consensual sexual relation.
     "Later that same day, when plaintiff and defendant Powell awoke, defendant Powell wanted to engage in sexual relations again, but plaintiff declined his offer, informing him that he was too rough with her last time.
     "Defendant Powell convinced her that he would 'take it easy' this time.
     "After a short period of consensual sex, defendant Powell's voice began to change and he began to be rough with plaintiff and told her he wanted to be called 'Monique.' Plaintiff began to resist defendant Powell, which was met with physical force as he pushed her face into the mattress while choking plaintiff from behind.
     "When defendant Powell began to penetrate her anus with his fingers, plaintiff jumped away from defendant Powell and immediately told him to stop.
     "Defendant Powell refused by placing his hands over her face and grasping plaintiff's jaw, resuming vaginal penetration and continuing his sexual assault against her will and without her consent under the perceived threat of potential harm, until he was finished."
     The woman seeks medical and legal expenses and compensatory and special damages for "sexual assault, battery, and rape."
     She is represented by Bruce Betzer of Metairie.

DPP rules murder in pregnant woman's killing Police high command says incident regrettable....

CORPORAL Dwayne Smart, the police officer who shot and killed a heavily pregnant St Thomas woman and injured her sister on the weekend, is to be slapped with murder and other charges.
Yesterday, Acting Director of Public Prosecution, Lisa Palmer-Hamilton ruled that Smart be charged with murder, illegal possession of firearm, wounding with intent, and assault.
Upon the charging of Smart, the prosecution is expected to skip the preliminary enquiry stage of the case in the St Thomas Resident Magistrate's Court and have the matter transferred to the Home Circuit Court in Kingston. The circuit is expected to be reopened on September 17.
Twenty-seven-year-old Kayann Lamont, who was a month away from giving birth, was shot in the head in Yallahs square by Smart following a tussle. Smart had accosted Lamont over the use of indecent language.
Her sister, Novia Lamont, was shot in the shoulder while running to her aid. Another sister, Shemean Lamont, was allegedly assaulted by the cop, who also turned the gun on her. However, the weapon did not fire.
Smart reportedly had to be restrained by colleagues on the scene.
Both women were taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where Kayann was pronounced dead and Novia admitted. She was released from the hospital yesterday.
The family has since contracted the services of former Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne to get compensation from the State over the incident.
The incident, which allegedly happened in front of several eyewitnesses, has drawn widespread condemnation, including from the rights group Jamaicans for Justice, the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party and its affiliate Generation 2000.
In the meantime, the Police High Command, speaking for the first time since the incident yesterday, expressed regret at the shooting and pledged to take all possible steps to minimise the use of force in their interaction with citizens.
"The killing of Miss Kayann Lamont and injuring of her sister... is a terrible tragedy which is deeply regretted," a release from the Constabulary Communication Network said.
The high command emphasised that Smart was taken into custody the same day of the shooting and investigators from the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) were contacted.
"Other officers who were present at the time of Miss Lamont's killing have been made available to the INDECOM investigators to be interviewed. All weapons in possession of the cops on duty at time have also been seized and taken to the forensic lab for examination, and the policemen's hands swabbed," the release stated.
Additionally, the high command said that police chaplains have been deployed in the community since Sunday, and have been providing counselling for the affected families and that an administrative review of Saturday's operation will be conducted on September Friday.
"The Police High Command is appealing to everyone to allow the investigations to proceed in a fair manner.
"Where our members are concerned, this incident demands that we reflect deeply on how we engage citizens in conflict situations as we are committed to improving our operations," the release stated.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chief Keef Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Responds Chief Keef Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Responds...

Chief Keef Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Responds

UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco responds to Chief Keef's threats of violence and name-calling.
Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef has continued a strong day in the headlines. Earlier the rapper was believed to have laughed at the death of a Rap rival, Lil JoJo via Twitter. The Interscope Records artist tweeted this evening (September 5) that he will "smack" fellow Windy City artist, Lupe Fiasco. Keef also referred to Lu as "a hoe ass nigga" and "lil bitch."
These comments come after last week, when Lupe, a veteran star rapper signed to Atlantic Records, publicly criticized the youth movement in Chicago, and included Chief Keef by name. In an interview with Baltimore, Maryland radio station 92Q, Lupe said, "Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents,” said Lupe in a video posted on FakeShoreDrive.com. “Specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.”
As of 6:20 pm, Lupe Fiasco has yet to respond on Twitter to Chief Keef's remarks.
UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco has tweeted what is believed to be a response to Chief Keef.
The 1st & 15th Records vet included in a series of tweets, "I have spoken peace only to receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness."
The three-part tweet is embedded below:

This comes after Lupe reached out to Chief Keef on the social media platform previously, an exchange that Keef tonight retweeted to his followers.

Hats And Glasses Was Really Hot....

Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent Beefing Over Floyds Fiancee Shantel Jackson?!

According to Bossip there are problems with 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather after talk of affair — At the Freelancers premiere Shantel Jackson was hugging 50 Cent:
Floyd seems to take exception that 50 and his fiance Shantel Jackson are too close while taking pictures.

Bossip also received an email during Floyd€™s incarceration telling us about the affair between 50 Cent and Miss Jackson taking place while Money May was locked up. We didn€™t put too much stock into it, but now? Floyd has since cut off ties with Fif€ and the two were only spotted at this premiere€ since Money May€™s release. Here’s the video (around 30 sec mark...

Nicki Minaj Receives Death Threats Over Mitt Romney Rap Line...

Nicki Minaj has raised the ire of seemingly radical Democrats on Twitter with a rap line that implies she will be supporting Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.
Im a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b***hes is f-ing up the economy, Minaj raps on Lil Waynes new mixtape Dedication 4.
The move, whether or not she means it, has caused a seemingly endless flow of insults to the rapper.
Minaj has not commented on the matter, via Twitter or otherwise.
Here are some of the tweets, courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

Chad Johnson Gets Evelyn Lozada Tattooed on His Leg (pic)

Chris Rock Talks Directing A New CB4 Movie on #SwayInTheMorning...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jealous Woman Slices Boyfriend's Pen!s Off After Discovering He Cheated...

> Off With His B@lls! Jealous Woman Slices Boyfriend's Pen!s Off After Discovering He Cheated - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

A fuming girlfriend hacked off her partner's penis with a kitchen knife after she discovered his cheating ways.

Huaman Julia Muñoz hatched a plan to end the philandering of Ramon Arias Apayco, 46, in the most gruesome way possible after becoming enraged by his act of betrayal, The New Age website reported.

The 41-year-old allegedly decided to carry out the savage retribution as her boyfriend slept at a hostel in Brena, Peru.

After grabbing a knife from the kitchen, Muñoz sliced off the offending body part and flushed it down the toilet so it couldn't be sewn back on.

She then tried to flee the bloody scene of the crime but was stopped by staff at the hostel.

Mr Apayco was rushed to intensive care while Muñoz admitted to police that she had acted out of revenge after learning of her lover's behaviour.

Almost 20 years ago in June 1993, John Wayne Bobbitt had half his penis cut off by his wife Lorena in one of the most famous cases of revenge of all time.

> Off With His B@lls! Jealous Woman Slices Boyfriend's Pen!s Off After Discovering He Cheated - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Ms Bobbitt had been in a "fit of rage" after he returned home drunk from a night on the town and allegedly raped her, and fled the house with her husband's severed manhood and threw it out of the car window into a field.

Mr Bobbitt was acquitted of spousal rape and Miss Gallo was found not guilty of malicious wounding by reason of temporary insanity.

Mr Bobbitt, who now uses her maiden name Gallo after the pair unsurprisingly divorced, said later: "I remember driving with his severed penis in my hand, and in my other hand I had the knife.

"I didn't even know how I got into the car, and apparently I had to toss it somewhere because I couldn't turn the wheel of my car, so I got rid of the thing.

"Then I learnt at the hospital later on that it was his penis."

The missing half of Mr Bobbitt's manhood was surgically re-attached and he used his notoriety to become a porn star.

Former 'Teacher Of The Year,' Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Student...

What a difference a year makes.

Erica DePalo, 33, won the Essex County, N.J. Teacher of the Year award in 2011. Last Friday, she was arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her 15-year-old honors English students, according to CBS New York.

Many of the students that the station spoke with were blindsided by the allegations.

I was kind of shocked, Arnold Ajondo said. I was a little surprised. She was really close with the students and we all liked her. She was always there after school if you ever needed any help.

DePalo was charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Star Ledger.

The paper reports that authorities believe the relationship began on June 15 and ended last Tuesday.

Police declined to release further details about the alleged relationship and also did not reveal how authorities first learned of it, according to Montclair Patch.

In a statement obtained by Patch, the West Orange Public School district announced that DePalo has been suspended "immediately and indefinitely.

MeMpHitz Files Lawsuit Against VH1 & Mona Scott Young...

Mickey Memphitz Wright files federal lawsuit against Viacom International, Inc.; NFGTV, Inc.; and Monami Entertainment, LLC.


Atlanta, GA-September 4, 2012 - Mickey Wright, Jr. p/k/a MeMpHiTz, is filing a federal lawsuit against the creators and producers of the popular VH-1 reality television show Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Attorneys Conti J. Moore, Esq. of Conti Moore Law, PLLC and Alcide L. Honor, Esq. of Hooper & Honor, LLC, are representing Mr. Wright. He is filing suit against the following entities: Viacom International, Inc.; NFGTV, Inc.; and Monami Entertainment, LLC.

Wright is suing the named Defendants for approximately one dollar per viewer per show for damages that stem from the defamatory statements and denigrating actions of cast member Kimberly Michelle Pate p/k/a K. Michelle.

According to Attorney Conti J. Moore, Esq., whose practice is based in Orlando, Florida, Ms. Pate has taken full advantage of societys tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof. The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my clients name.

Atlanta based Attorney Alcide L. Honor, Esq. maintains that, even the most ridiculous statements when repeated frequently become true in the minds of many. Ms. Pates preposterous claims, which include allegations that Mr. Wright mismanaged funds and caused her career to flop, have been adopted as truth by many followers of the popular VH-1 reality series.

Wright maintains that the suit is not about revenge but is instead about defending himself and his professional reputation from the malicious false and misleading statements made about him on the popular VH-1 reality show.

My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.

Domestic violence is an issue of serious nature, often having grave consequences for true victims with whom we all sympathize. However, it is unconscionable for one to play on the sympathies of the masses by levying false accusations of such heinous acts against an innocent party, simply for the sake of entertainment or for purported career advancement. After reviewing the evidence in this matter, we are prepared to litigate this case to the fullest extent of the law to seek justice for our client and to restore his name and professional reputation. Moore & Honore

Hurricane Isaac:Thousands Still In The Dark Across Louisiana And Mississippi...

> Sep 3 - Hurricane Isaac:Thousands Still In The Dark Across Louisiana And Mississippi - Photo posted in BX Daily Bugle - news and headlines | Sign in and leave a comment below!
NEW ORLEANS — Tens of thousands of customers remained in the dark Monday in Louisiana and Mississippi, nearly a week after Isaac inundated the Gulf Coast with a deluge that still has some low-lying areas under water.

Most of those were in Louisiana, where utilities reported more than 100,000 people without power. Thousands also were without power in Mississippi and Arkansas.

President Barack Obama visited Monday, a day ahead of the Democratic National Convention, and walked around storm damage in St. John the Baptist Parish, where subdivisions were soaked in water from Isaac.

"I know it's a mess," Obama said as he approached a resident in the Ridgewood neighborhood. "But we're here to help."

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney visited the state Friday.

In St. John the Baptist Parish, residents spent Labor Day dragging waterlogged carpet and furniture to the curb and using bleach and water to clean hopefully to prevent mold.

LaPlace resident Barbara Melton swept mud and debris from her home, which was at one point under 2 feet of water. The garbage, debris and standing water – combined with heat reaching the 90s – created a terrible stench.

"It's hot, it stinks, but I'm trying to get all this mud and stuff out of my house," she said.

Melton was grateful for the president's visit.

"I think it's awesome to have a president that cares and wants to come out and see what he can do," Melton, 60, said.

A few houses away, Ed Powell said Isaac was enough to make him question whether to stay.

"I know Louisiana's a gambling state, but we don't want to gamble in this method because when you lose this way, you lose a lot."

Powell said even if Obama comes up with a plan or solution to the flooding problem in his area, time is not on the residents' side.

"Even if they narrow down what the problem is and begin to resolve the problem, it usually takes years. And between now and whenever, a lot of things can happen," Powell said.

More than 2,800 people were at shelters in Louisiana, down from around 4,000. State officials were uncertain how many people would eventually need longer-term temporary housing. Kevin Davis, head of the state's emergency office, said housing would likely include hotels at first, then rental homes as close as possible to their damaged property.

Progress was evident in many places, though lingering flooding remained a problem in low-lying areas.

Crews in the town of Lafitte intentionally breached a levee Sunday night in an effort to help flooding there subside, Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts told The Times-Picayune.

Much of Plaquemines Parish, a vulnerable finger of land that juts into the Gulf of Mexico, remained under as much as 5 feet of water, Parish President Billy Nungesser said. The Category 1 hurricane walloped the parish, and for many, the damage was worse than that from Katrina in 2005.
Hurricane Isaac: Utilities Report Thousands Still In The Dark Across Louisiana And Mississippi (PHOTOS)

RIP La Madrina - Godmother of Cocaine executed in Medellin....

> RIP La Madrina - Godmother of Cocaine executed in Medellin - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

The murder happened at 3:00 pm on Monday, when the 69-year exconvicta was in a neighborhood butcher Bethlehem Park, accompanied by a exnuera pregnant.

According to preliminary police investigation, a couple of guys came in a low cylinder motorcycle, the grill and got shot twice in the head with a revolver.

The pregnant mother who accompanied her unharmed in a car and moved to the Intermediate Unit in Bethlehem, where he died. The murder happened at 3:00 pm on Monday, when the 69-year exconvicta was in a neighborhood butcher Bethlehem Park, accompanied by a exnuera pregnant.

According to preliminary police investigation, a couple of guys came in a low cylinder motorcycle, the grill and got shot twice in the head with a revolver. The pregnant mother who accompanied her unharmed in a car and moved to the Intermediate Unit in Bethlehem, where he died.

Vybz Kartel And Tommy Lee Take Shots At Popcaan In “Betray Di Gaza Boss” [Audio]

photo of Vybz Kartel And Tommy Lee Take Shots At Popcaan In Betray Di Gaza Boss [Audio]
Their could be a new Vybz Kartel and Popcaan beef in the making after a new track surfaced online on the weekend titled “Betray Di Gaza Boss.”
While there were obviously some tension between Popcaan and his former mentor, that tension is swiftly turning into a bitter feud between the former friends. Fast rising Mobay deejay Tommy Lee has also sided with the Gaza Boss in the feud. Lee and Kartel teamed up on the new single aimed squarely at Popcaan.
“Yow world boss, yo no si words come to pass, don’t seh yo love mi, man mi no love, stop call up mi name just fi get a forward,” Tommy Lee deejay in the intro while Vybz Kartel chime in saying, “dem betray the gaza boss, dem get a lickle hype an a try fi diss the boss, but them fi member say I am the champion, I am the champion… stop talk bout gaza, better unnu talk bout plaza, unnu a use mi name fi mek money but unnu no rate mr. palmer.”
The single which was released by So Unique Records, came just a week after Vybz Kartel issued an alleged statement labeling both Tommy Lee and Popcaan as disloyal.
Tommy Lee appearing on this track dispels any speculation of a feud between himself and Vybz Kartel, but Popcaan not so much.
Listen the track below.

Monday, September 3, 2012

'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54...

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan arrives at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles June 27, 2010. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas/Files

LOS ANGELES | Tue Sep 4, 2012 3:55am IST
(Reuters) - Actor Michael Clarke Duncan, best known for playing a death row inmate in the 1999 drama "The Green Mile," died on Monday, less than eight weeks after suffering a heart attack, a spokeswoman said. He was 54.
Duncan died in Los Angeles, his fiance, the reality television star Omarosa Manigault said in a statement provided by Duncan's publicist, Joy Fehily.
"Manigault is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time," Fehily said.
Details on the cause of Duncan's death were not released. He suffered a heart attack on July 13 and "never fully recovered," Fehily said.
The Chicago native was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in the 1999 prison drama "The Gr

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Did You See This? Devin Smith’s one-handed TD grab...

Pardon the hyperbole, but there may not be a better catch all season long than the one Ohio State’s Devin Smith made in Saturday’s season opener against Miami (OH) at Ohio Stadium. Early in the second quarter, with Ohio State trailing Miami (OH), Smith gave the Buckeyes the lead with an incredible one-handed touchdown grab. Watch Smith use nothing but his right hand to bring down Braxton Miller’s 23-yard touchdown pass right now. [VIDEO: Watch Braxton Miller's 65-yard TD run]
This isn’t Smith’s first big-time touchdown grab. Remember, he was the one who brought down Miller’s long heave late in the fourth quarter to beat eventual Big Ten champ Wisconsin last season.
Watch that catch in this highlight: