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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thousands of Topless women to march braless in NYC....


What red-blooded American male doesn't like the sight of a set of good-sized firm boobs? Unfortunately most men can't see the reccommended daily variety of breasts that makes for the very best wet dreams. Well, fret no more! Thousands upon thousands of pairs of breasts will march (along with their owners) in Bryant Park in NYC this Sunday. Bring your Cameras and a pair of very loose fitting pants because you are gonna see racks that will make your jaw drop and make you wanna put your wife or girlfriend on notice.
GoTopless Day in New York City Aug. 26, 2012 on Times Square
On Sunday August 26, please join NYC GoTopless women for a march you don't want to miss! Although GoTopless.org will organize events in many cities across the USA, NYC is by far one of the most progressive cities to celebrate women's right to be top free. Indeed, in 1992, the state supreme court ruled that women would have the right to be topless. Now, all that is left for NYC women is to have the courage to overcome their repressive upbringing and to enjoy their rights.
It was so natural to be topless 40 years ago! Every Woodstock attendee will bare witness of this! And now. 40 years later, the law is acknowledging women's right to be topless in public and our mentality has regressed! Today, the big question is: are women's breasts actually family friendly? Are women likely to psychologically traumatize children if they are to show their breasts in public? Today, the debate is over breast feeding in public, and women across the USA feel they are winning a big battle because they are winning the right to breast feed in public. Let us think bigger than that! Let's think constitutional rights! Breasts are decent whether you are nursing or not!
So, GoTopless.org wants to offer you a little feeling of the freedom of Woodstock on August 26, let's call it Boobstock! Come and join our parade of freedom, come and join the festivities, enjoy the music, the band, the show... No need for alcohol or drugs... 40 years later, women can enjoy their body in a natural state of mind as the Raelian Philosphy, sponsoring this event, invites people to do.
Breasts, Peace and Love, NYC!!!
Topless Protest At Venice Beach This Sunday

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