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Friday, August 31, 2012

Reports: Floyd Mayweather bet $3 million on Michigan...

via @FloydMayweather

Floyd Mayweather will hope Michigan is hailing the victors in Saturday night's mammoth matchup with Alabama.
According to various reports, the boxer wagered more than $2.9 million in nine different Las Vegas sportsbooks on Michigan beating the 14-point spread against favored Alabama on Saturday night.
The heavily-followed Twitter user @incarceratedbob was the first to report the information, which has since been confirmed regurgitated by other sources.
Mayweather was guaranteed $32 million from his May bout with Miguel Cotto. He went to prison days later and ended up serving two months of a three-month sentence for domestic violence.
The 35-year-old boxer has been known to make big wagers in the past, including winning bets on the Clippers in a regular season game ($1.9 million) and against Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos in the AFC divisional playoffs ($1 million).
"I've won a lot of money on games, I've lost a good piece of money on games," Mayweather told MLive.com in April.
He hasn't tweeted about a big bet since his release from prison. According to @incarceratedbob -- sorry, we just like writing it -- that's due to advice from attorneys to lay low.
Vegas books can't be the only ones pleased by the news that Mayweather is out of jail and possibly betting again. Boxing fans should be happy too; Mayweather's money-management skills should ensure he'll have to fight for at least the next decade.

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