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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Details: Chris Brown and Drake Offered $1 Million Each To Fight...

> Details: Chris Brown and Drake Offered $1 Million Each To Fight - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Chris Brown and Drake will have the chance to put their money where there mouths are if boxing promoter Damon Feldmen gets his way. The man behind Hollywood Fight Night is offering up $3 million of billionaire entrepreneur Alki David’s money to Brown and Drake if they’ll settle their differences in the ring.

Each artists would receive $1 million for the fight, and another million would go to a charity targeted towards helping abused women.

Brown and Drake’s entourages were involved in a bottle throwing brawl inside a New York nightclub earlier this month. Brown was injured during the chaos, as well as his bodyguard and NBA star Tony Parker.

“It would be a good match, but I think Brown is going to train hard for it since he has something to prove here,” Feldmen tells RumorFix in an exclusive interview. “It would be a good fight. These guys have a grudge and it would be good if they can end stuff in the ring.”

And Damon tells us Brown and Drake would only have to square off a fraction of the length of a standard boxing match. “There’s only three, one-minute rounds with the 24-ounce boxing gloves and head gear.”

The fight would be financed by filmon.com, and Damon says making sure everyone involved gets paid is not an issue.

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