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Monday, June 18, 2012

Brandon Roy Confirms Comeback. Do Lakers Take Look?

The Lakers are looking for some bench help this summer and players from Dwight Howard to Deron Williams to Lamar Odom to Kyle Lowry are being thrown into trade or free agency fan discussions to see if there is anything out there to help get the Lakers back to a championship level.
Today, we get word from Jose Martinez of Complex that Brandon Roy is going to be throwing his name into the mix. Going through his former trailblazer teammate, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy confirmed that he is attempting a comeback and will be updating his fans with the progress.

We all know that Laker fans are extremely sensitive when it comes to knee injuries, especially with both Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant going through knee injuries/treatments of their own these past few years. There has been much talk about whether or not Roy will be able to comeback, but before we go there, let’s see what the 27-year-old former Rookie of the Year is coming back from:
  • 2008-2009 – Roy has a “minor” procedure in the pre-season to remove cartilage that was causing pain in his left knee.
  • 2009-2010 – Roy signs a 4-year deal with the Trail Blazers. In January of that season, Roy injures his right hamstring that would hamper his play for the rest of the season. In April, Roy injures his knee, which is first diagnosed as a bone bruise, but it was later discovered that there was a torn meniscus.
  • 2010-2011 – Roy started off this season slow as his knees still bothered him and it was soon realized that he no longer had any cartilage to cushion the bone on bone impact in his knees. Roy underwent a arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees in January with a quick recovery, coming back in February and playing out the rest of the season with spurts of typical Brandon Roy performances.
  • 2011-2012 – Right before the NBAlockout, Roy announced his retirement from the Portland Trail Blazers due to his knee degrading to such a point where it was just bone on bone contact.
To be fair, Kobe Bryant has also said in the past that he is playing with basically no cartilage in his knee, but with his famous trip to Germany last year, the pain was reduced enough to the point where a lot of players and fans were saying it was the best Kobe has physically looked in the past few years.
If Brandon Roy thinks he can come back and become the player he used to be, he would absolutely be a welcome addition to the Lakers. Even if Roy was half the player he once was, he could give Kobe Bryant some rest and give the bench the added depth it missed sorely last year.

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