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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evidence In The Trayvon Martin Case... (DETAILS)

Special prosecutor Angela Corey released all the discovery evidence against George Zimmerman this afternoon, including details of Zimmerman's encounter with Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th in Sanford, Florida.
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Highlights of the evidence include the following:
1. A photo of Zimmerman taken right after the shooting, which shows his nose broken and blood trickling down his face.
2. When Sanford police arrived on the scene, Trayvon had no pulse and was not breathing. They tried CPR, but when they breathed into him, it produced "bubbling sounds."
One officer asked a bystander for something with which to seal off the wound and was handed a plastic grocery bag, which he then pressed against the wound.
3. Trayvon’s autopsy report is included in the released documents. In it, there is a diagram that shows the gunshot wound was approximately 3/8 inches across, and the “stippling,” powder burns that come as a result of a gunshot, was approximately 2 inches in diameter.
4.  In a recording from a March interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Sanford Fire Rescue’s Mike Brandy said when he arrived at the scene of the shooting, he “saw Trayvon laying on the ground police were there, they were already doing CPR." According to Brandy
"We put him on the heart monitor and the heart monitor showed no activity...He was basically flatlined."
Check back for updates as more information becomes available.
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