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Friday, March 16, 2012

Brooklyn Teacher Saves Womans Life, Gets the Middle Finger as a Thank You...

Most people would be happy if they were found lifeless on a bathroom floor and someone resuscitated them because, you know, they saved their life, but not a suspected overdose victim who was rescued by a Brooklyn teacher during her lunch break today.

Cassandra Byrd-Scolaro was heading to the bathroom inside the S&B Restaurant in Williamsburg today when she and another waitress saw a woman lying unconscious on the floor. Thats when the teacher sprang into action.

We pulled her out of the bathroom, Byrd-Scolaro said. She wasnt breathing. She had no pulse. I immediately began giving her compressions.

About three minutes later, Emergency Medical Services arrived and the woman began breathing and her heart started back beating. Everyone around was relived that the woman was OK and inspired by Byrd-Scolaros heroismexcept for the victim. Instead, when she came to she flipped her middle finger at the teacher and the EMS workers. Ungrateful much?

The victims reaction is what caused news reporters to suspect an intentional drug overdose, but despite the womans response, Ms. Byrd-Scolaro says shes happy she was there to help.

It was a great feeling, she told the NY Daily News before heading back to teach her afternoon classes.

As a token of appreciation, the chicken caeser wrap the teacher ordered was given to her by the restaurant for free.

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