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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Raptors had a much better day than the Blue Jays...

Nicki Minaj Blast Ex Safaree For Suing Her Right After Meek Mill Birthday...

Seems Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels bitter breakup is making its way back into the public eye.
The Trinidadian rapper took to her Twitter on Tuesday night to blast her ex-boyfriend for suing her just days after she celebrated Meek Mill’s birthday.
Last week Nicki Minaj posted photos of herself with Meek Mill on his birthday where he gave him a Rolex watch. Seems all that public display of ownership and affection is too much for Safaree to handle so he slapped her with the lawsuit that he has been threatening her with.
Nicki Minaj is having none of it so she fired off a few tweets to let the world know what has been going on calling her ex miserable.
Nicki Minaj and Safaree before split “Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday. Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol,” Nicki wrote.
“Two years later this poor excuse of a man is suing me & claiming to have been physically & emotionally abused. Lol. He’s so miserable,” she added on Twitter.
Safaree seems like he was embarrassed by the whole ordeal and posted a video of himself at Blac Chyna’s birthday party with paparazzi asking him why is he fighting with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Ex Safaree Says There Is A Hit Out For Him....

Nicki Minaj Ex Safaree Says There Is A Hit Out For Him

The bitter feud between Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels is getting crazy because he is now claiming that he got a tip that there is a hit out for him.
Safaree officially filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj earlier this week and then she took to Twitter to put him on blast. Things are getting so messy between the two exes to the extent where Nick’s mother is getting involve.
Yesterday Safaree revealed that someone called him from prison to let him know that there is a hit out for him.
“Got a call from prison… Hearing there’s BIG money on my head… streets talk…. Small world.. #darksideofthemusicbiz,” he wrote on Twitter.
Nicki Minaj tweeted earlier this week that Safaree is suing her because of jealousy of her relationship with Meek Mill.
“Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday. Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol,” she wrote on Twitter.
“Two years later this poor excuse of a man is suing me & claiming to have been physically & emotionally abused. Lol. He’s so miserable,” she added.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dancehall Artist Landmine Pierce Face 40 Times.....

Lanmine face piercing
Just when you think that dancehall couldn’t get more crazy it just did.
Up and coming dancehall artist Lanmine is trying to go the route that the latest generation of artists in the genre are going and that is using shock-value to gain attention.

These piercing will surely draw attention to Lanmine’s face but not sure about his music. For the records he did release a new song along with some images of the over 40 new piercings.
At least he didn’t get himself a eyeball tattoo or surgically implant horns on his head.
This is Lanmine before all these ridiculous piercings.
Lanmine photo

“I am getting good comments, the younger generation love it a just mostly the elders who nuh like it, even though some of them do,” Lanmine said. “Even last night I was walking in the mall and everybody a tek camera for pictures and a sey dem like it. I have a new song out called Touch Yu Hard and the people dem a sey.”
Lanmine piercings

Reggae Icon Frankie Paul Gets Foot Amputated....

Frankie Paul reggae
Legendary reggae singer Frankie Paul is currently hospitalized following the amputation of his foot.
A rep for the singer told Urban Islandz that the emergency surgery was performed following a prolong infection below his ankle.
Frankie Paul was born blind and is widely regarded as the Stevie Wonder of reggae music.
The veteran singer rose to fame in the 1980s and early 90s with a slew of hit singles including “Worries in the Dance,” “Pass The Tu-Sheng Peng,” “Casanova,” “I Know The Score,” and “Sarah.” His last performance was at Sting 2015 on Boxing Day at Jamworld, Portmore.
Get well soon Frankie Paul.

Mavado Says Beenie Man Not In His League, Talks Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer.....

Mavado 2016
Mavado is finally back on Jamaican soil after over two years overseas. The dancehall hitmaker now lives in Florida but was unable to travel back home due to some immigration issues.
The “So Special” singjay says all of that is now out the way and he is free to travel to and from his homeland. The singjay sat down with Winford Williams for a candid interview about returning home, as well as, his beef with Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.

“Beenie, nothing can’t go on with me and Beenie, me and Beenie are not in the same league,” Mavado said when asked about his feud with the dancehall icon. “Beenie himself knows that. I did a song that said ‘better them chill like the Doc and go simmer’ remember its he who said sim simma.”
Mavado also sound off on his long standing feud with Bounty Killer, as well as, addressed Killer’s statement about buying his father casket.
“At the end of the day I can’t hate him no matter what happen even if we don’t deal for the longest time,” Mavado told Winford.
Mavado also added that if Vybz Kartel was freed he would be making a lot of money and have a mansion next door to his.

Was Dancehall Artist Devin Di Dakta Beaten By Corey Todd???

Corey Todd and Devin DI Dakta feud
Magnum king Devin Di Dakta was reportedly assaulted by nightclub promoter Corey Todd.
Reports surfaced earlier this week claiming that the dancehall artist was kicked out of Corey Todd club Taboo and was also assaulted in the parking lot.
Sources told Urban Islandz that Devin Di Dakta was partying at the club with his friends and was harassing one of the dancers before bouncers threw him out. An altercation took place in the parking lot which resulted in the deejay getting roughed up by Todd and his body guards.
The deejay’s manager Shelly-Ann Curran confirmed the incident saying that he was not harassing any dancer.
“That is absolutely true, he was kicked out and beaten,” she said. “But he was not kicked out for that reason. He paid his money and went in as a patron with some friends who were celebrating their anniversary. Immediately after he ordered his first drink he was summoned by a security officers, saying they wanted to talk to him outside.”
“Four men started pushing him out of the club saying, ‘di boss waan talk to yuh,’ she added. “By the time he went through the exit barricade, he saw Corey Todd coming with more men. Corey Todd and his cronies started to give my artiste hits from all over. Can you imagine five or six men a give you box from left, right and centre?”
She also added that the artist was beaten because he mentioned Corey Todd name in a song.
Curran says when she went to the cops to press charges that was when Corey Todd changed the story.

Michael Caine on Oscars Diversity: ‘You Can’t Vote for an Actor Because He’s Black...


“It took me years to get an Oscar,” veteran British actor says

Michael Caine doesn’t think Academy voters should be nominating actors because of skin color – but he did expect Idris Elba to get an Oscars nomination for his performance in Netflix’s “Beasts of No Nation.”

“There’s loads of black actors. You can’t vote for an actor because he’s black,” Caine said in an interview with BBC Radio 4. “You got to give a good performance, and I’m sure there were very good [performances].”

“The one I – I don’t know whether Idris got [nominated],” Caine said. “Because I saw Idris, and I thought he was wonderful. I thought he would get [nominated]. Did he not get nominated?”

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When the host of the program told Caine that Elba was not nominated, the 82-year-old actor said, “Well, look at me. I won the [European Film Award for] best actor [for ‘Youth’], and I got nominated for nothing else.”

The host then asked Caine what advice he would give to young black actors. “Be patient” he said. “Of course, it will come. Of course, it will come. It took me years to get an Oscar.”

Caine has been nominated for six Oscars over the course of his career. Of those nominations, he won twice: Best Supporting Actor in 1987 for “Hannah and Her Sisters;” and Best Supporting Actor again in 2000 for “Cider House Rules.”

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On Monday, director Spike Lee announced that he would not attend what he called the “lilly-white Oscars,” while leading entertainment figures Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith announced they will not be attending either.

AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs, herself an African American, issued a statement on Martin Luther King Day promising changes within the group.

“I am both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. This is a difficult but important conversation, and it’s time for big changes,” Isaacs said.

http://www.thewrap.com/mi... use-hes-black/